3.0 - Mystic Combat Methodology

3.1 -

1. Pulling the mob - This is getting the attention of the mob and locking
yourself into a combat situation with it. The best way to pull the mob is with a
debuffing type of spell.

2. Ward yourself between the time you cast the debuffing spell and the mob
actually getting to you. If you position yourself as far from the mob as
possible, there should be enough time to finish the cast just before the mob
hits you. Then recast ward as needed between the next steps. You may need to
throw in a heal or two in as well to maintain your health.

3. Slow the mob. Cast a slowing or a weaken type spell.

4. Start an HO. Use two dots, one for the first part of the HO and one for
the completion of the HO. This way the mob gets damage from the HO as well as
from the constant damage being done from the dots.

5. Now start using the HO with one dot and one instant damage spell such as
cold wind or grey wind. Using cold wind or grey wind to finish an HO will give
an extra bonus damage to the mob. When you get a little higher and get other
spells like cold fire, begin using them alternately for completing your HO.

6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 as needed.

One tip is to let the dots run out before recasting them. This will save you
power and give you time to recast ward or debuffs as needed.

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3.2 - Grouping

Grouping is a major way to gain
experience. A mystic is always welcome in a group since he can slow, debuff and
dot the mob as well as warding the main tank and back up healing. Although the
mystic is a healer, the group will be better off if the mystic uses power to
slow, weaken, debuff and ward.

1. Before the pull, ward the tank. Wait for the tank to establish aggro. Ward
as needed.

2. The very next thing is to debuff the mob.

3. Slow or weaken the mob.

4. By this time, it should be safe to cast an HO. Using dots to start and
complete the HO will do two things. First of all, it will not do enough instant
damage to pull hate from the tank. Second of all, it will continue to do damage
well after the completion of the HO.

4. Repeat the steps as needed, being sure to watch group members for needed
heals. (The best way to heal. Cast ward on the member getting attacked., then
send heal. Repeat as needed. It is best to not have to heal until the tank has
good aggro because the heal seems to be a very powerful hate

5. If you get hate from the mob, and the tank cant get it back, there are two
things that you might do. (a). ward and heal yourself till tank gets mob back.
(b). if all else fails use your hate reducer spell. Make sure that it is the
last resort, because there is a long recast time.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016