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3.0 - Armor Quests

Quest 1 -

Talk with Selwynn Oakheart in South Qeynos. If you are coming from North Qeynos, she is directly in front of you when you zone in under the tree. She will give you your first quest which requires you to kill Caltorsis Clerics and Sabertooth Elders. The elders are part of a dynamic spawn and can be tough to find if you dont know what you are looking for. Go to the fields just north of Blackburrow and find the Gnoll Tent dynamic spawns. They should have Sabertooth Battlers and Sabertooth Runecasters surrounding them in 4 different groups of 4-5. Bring friends because you will need to CLEAR all four groups before the first one pops again. Once the last group is clear, given that you did it fast enough, the Sabertooth Elders along with the Sabertooth Tormenters (Lvl 20 PLATE armor quest mobs). Continue to clear those until done. Remember this is a dynamic spawn because of the TENT that is in the center of it. If there is no tent... there is no elders. The Caltorsis Clerics are a pain in the butt because they are mostly invisible until you either get the right angle on them, or until you are dang near standing on them. They spawn randomly throughout the Ruins Of Caltorsis, mostly in the center of the field and down by the docks. Return to Selwyn once you are done and recieve your gloves. *REMEMBER* you have to hail her again inorder to get the second quest.

Quest 2 -

Hulking Stalkers are found in the hills above Windstalker Village. Near Holly Windstalkers grave. They wander around with the Giant Kodiaks (Plate armor quest mobs). The Bloodfang Broodtenders are found at the base of the waterfall in Blackburrow. When you jump down, find your way to dry land and move up the LEFT tunnel. There is a spawn of three Broodtenders, each of which have quite a few hatchling friends with them. Last is the Plaguebringer Acolytes. These are also a dynamic spawn like the Sabertooth Elders. The Ruins of Caltorsis (where you found the clerics) have dynamic spawns that are centered by a skeleton on a stick. Foci of Death (or decay, cant remember). Clear all the Restless Caltorsites around this as you did the Battlers and Rune Casters. The Acolytes will spawn when its clear. **DO NOT** attack the Acolytes or stand near enough that they will agro UNTIL they have summoned their pets. If they dont have pets, they will yell for help and the encounter will be broken. Once again return to Selwynn and claim your prize. You get a nice Forearm piece.

Quest 3 -

This quest is going to cost you some commitment and time invested. Seeings how SoE hasnt fixed the pathing bugs in Stormhold yet, this quest proves to be quite the difficult one. I personally had a 2 group raid. We wiped 2 times because of the invisible mobs that we couldnt target. The were so fittingly named Unknown instead of Feign Zombies or whatever else was hitting us. Im assuming this is because of the fact that they were in the walls hitting us. Other than that problem, single groups CAN accomplish this given they have some members that know what they are doing. The Strong boxes are found down on Level 2 in the Library. If you go down the spiral steps with the Ghoulbane type glowing sword on it and find your way to the Atrium its very simple from there on out. Go straight (west) through the 4 way Atrium until you come to a "T" intersection. Make a right. You will see some white colored Leeches that are NON aggro mobs. Take your first right again and there is a little open area that has a small stage type setting. On either side of the stage there is Feign Zombies. The right set is a grouped set of 2. They have 1 carrot on top and are yellow to a lvl 21. To the left is a set of 2 solo zombies. Both have 2 carrots on top. Kill those then find the gate in the floor near the stage. This will take you to the Library. Inside the library to the left there is a yellow conned BOOK that has 2 carrots... You can avoid aggroing him if you please but he sits near the door to the box room. Inside the box room there is 6 boxes. A group of 3, a single, and a group of 2. If you have a single group you will get credit for each box you kill. If you choose to RAID you will only get 1 (ONE) credit per if its a group of 3, you only get 1 credit. Keep going back and forward between these two areas until you are done with the quest. There is more zombies in the general area but you have to go through some Crusaders, and Cavaliers which are used in the Plate armor quest. All these can be found on the way to the temple of stormhold. Once again, return to Selwynn and claim your new boots. If you did the quest that is started INSIDE stormhold. Requiring you to get something from the temple, armory, and library, you might find the boots reward from that actually is nicer than your armor quest boots. But hey... its nice to have a full set of armor that has the same name. Then you look better too /wink. (This item was wearable at lvl 21)

Quest 4 -

This is very self explanatory. Just remember the Crypt of Betrayal is a very dangerous zone that is entered through 2 zone spots in Vermins' Snye. It is very easy to get adds, and its very easy to avoid them as well. DO NOT USE AE spells when fighting the beetles. You will draw unwanted adds very fast. This is probably the easiest TO FIND quest. As for difficulty of mobs, that depends on your level and your groups compitence. Talk to Selwynn and claim your new shoulder piece. (This item was wearable by me at lvl 22)

Quest 5 -

To Thundering Steppes we go. The land of everything from what is believed to be the old Sirens Grotto Ruins to giant orc-like skeletons. Sabertooth Diviners are going to be the first thing you find. Right near Qeynos Tower 1, in the crater. Too easy. Unearthed Settlers along with the Corpse Feeders, are found near the village that begins the Valley of the Undead. These will be fairly easy, easy enough to solo given you are the right lvl. Just watch out for the occasional add. They can get tough if there is too many. The Swarm Beetles can be found in the planes and on the western beach. I suggest using the western beach. Less adds. Still just as tough but less adds. Return to claim your new Leg armor.

This armor quest guide was posted on the SoE forum by Tally Whaker, Kerran Mystic of Everfrost. Thanks!


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