Necromancer Alternate Advancement





Enhance: Undead Knight - Adds damage absorption to your warrior pet. Enhance: Necrotic Reconstruction - Necrotic
Reconstruction and its upgrades become more effective.
Enhance: Chains of Torment - Hastens the casting speed of Chains
of Torment and its upgrades.
Enhance: Soulrot - Increases the damage and hastens the effects of
Soulrot and its upgrades, causing the damage to occur faster.
Enhance: Grim Sorcerer - Spells cast by your warlock pet are more difficult to outright resist. Enhance: Dark Heart - Hastens the
reuse speed of Dark Heart and its upgrades.
Enhance: Dispel Magic - Your Dispel Magic gains the ability to remove beneficial divine and mental spells from your opponent. Enhance: Bloodcoil - Increases the damage and hastens the effects of
Bloodcoil and its upgrades, causing the damage to occur faster.
Enhance: Nighshade - Improves the combat skills and combat art hit chances of your assassin pet. Enhance: Transfer Life - Transfer Life and its upgrades gain additional healing. Enhance: Necromantic Pact - Increases the trigger chance of Necromantic
Pact and its upgrades.
Enhance: Pandemic - Hastens the casting speed and effects of Locusts and its upgrades, causing the damage to occur faster.
Enhance: Summoning - Improves the casting speed of your primary pet summoning spell. Enhance: Revivication - Increases the health and power recovered when you Revive an ally. Enhance: Grasping Bones - Hastens the casting speed of Grasping
Bones and its upgrades.
Enhance: Bloody Ritual - Reduces the health cost and hastens the effects of
Bloody Ritual and its upgrades, causing the power conversion to occur faster.
Enhance: Awaken Grave - Hastens he reuse speed of
Awaken Grave and its upgrades
Enhance: Consumption - Improves the reuse speed of Consumption. Enhance: Fear - Reduces the resistibility of Fear and
increases its duration.
Lifeburn - While this effect is active, you sacrifice your own health to deal massive disease damage to your target. This spell cannot be outright resisted.
Enhance: Blighted Horde - Hastens
reuse speed of Blight Horde and its upgrades
Blood Pact - Your pet becomes immune to non-direct area effects in exchange your sacrificing your health and power. Enhance: Mortality Mark - Mortality Mark and its upgrades reduce opponents' stamina and wisdom even further.  
Enhance: Undead Horde - Summons additional minions when Undead
Horde is cast.
  Enhance: Siphoning of Souls - Siphoning of Souls reduces your opponent's strength and intelligence even further.  
Ooze Crawler - Summons an infectious ooze that curses nearby enemies with powerful debilitating effects.   Tainted Heals - For every Manipulation spell you cast, your pet is healed.  

Shadows Advancement Abilities

These abilities are available once the specified amount of points have been
distributed to the Shadows General, Mage, and Summoner lines.

Minion's Pact Minion's Pact improves the noxious debuff amount
found on the Necromantic Pact line.
Shield of Bones The necromancer's pet gets a small chance to block
any incoming melee attack.
Noxious Cleansing As a master of disease, the necromancer can purge
themselves of noxious based effects.
Archlich's Lifetap Improves the base and critical damage of the
Lifetap line of spells.
Stench of Blood The Bloodcloud line of spells gets an additional
bonus to the radius and base damage. In addition, it gets a slight
recast bonus.
Macabre Deathly Pallor will have an improved recast time.
Disease Mastery Allows the necromancer to cast diseased based
spells that do additional base and critical damage.
Wrath of the Undead Servant Grants the necromancer's pet a life draining melee
or spell attack depending on the pet's class.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are over level 81.

Spirit of the Underworld Adds additional strength and agility components while increasing the
stamina and intelligence of Teachings of the Underworld.
Minion's Adeptness Grants the necromancer's pet additional base increase to spells,
combat arts, auto-attack and taunts.
Minion's Soulstealing Grants the necromancer's pet an additional spell which does Noxious
damage while also stealing some of the target's strength, agility, and
Noxious Debilitation Increase the potency of the Necromantic Pact.
Consuming Vitality Consuming Vitality adds an additional group heal component to
Consumption and its upgrades.
Noxious Barrier Applies a 3 trigger stoneskin that will absorb any attack over 10
percent of the pet's health.
Accelerated Decay Accelerated decay increases the speed of the necromancer's damage
over time abilities, adding two ticks to all of their spells. This spell
drains health to maintain and can be toggled off.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016