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Grants access to the level 50 instance of Nektropos Castle.

First of all, you must kill Maltus Everling, aka Lord
Everling, in the original Nektropos Castle. See "A Calling in the
Forest" for
Nektropos access. If you are of at least level 40 a quest will
appear on your screen the moment the encounter with Lord Everling is
complete. Accept it.

You must then speak to Valten Darkcleanse (-1372, +122, -1853). He
stands on the steps of the castle outside in Nektulos Forest.

You must visit graves in the following zones:

Enchanted Lands (-412, +26, -608)

Lavastorm (-736, -111, +445)

Everfrost (+92, +23, -661)

Feerrott (-1048, +4, +862)

Click each of the graves (small boxlike objects) to deposit a
portion of Maltena's remains. When you have done so at all 4 gravesites
return to Valten Darkcleanse and speak to him again. He will grant you
access to the instanced zone Nektropos Castle: The Return.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016