The Netherwing reputation has one purpose right now and that purpose is the Nether Drake mount. The Nether Drake mount is one of the hardest and rarest to get flying mounts in the game (but not THE rarest or hardest). In order to obtain this nearly priceless mount you must embark on an epic series of solo and small group related quests. There is also a catch, many of the quests are repeatable but only once a day.

The Nether Drake (unarmored in our case, the armored one is an Arena award) is a 280% speed flying epic mount that is obtainable from a very long series of quests. Some quests require up to five players while most require just one. The quests, like many in Outland, increase your reputation with Netherwing by a good bit each time. Everytime your reputation levels up you get more quests to complete. However, as mentioned earlier, many of the repeatable quests can only be completed once a day

So if you’re ready to embark on an epic quest in order to obtain a very rare item then suit up, get your best set of armor, and head out. There is a long grueling road ahead of you and lucky enough… we have all the information you need in order to travel it.

Setup - Get Ready

To start the questline you’ll need to be playing on patch 2.1 or higher of World of Warcraft. Patch 2.1 was released for the US servers on May 22nd, 2007 so you should be good in that aspect. You’ll need 300 in the riding skill (meaning you can already ride an epic flying mount).

To get started seek out a “High Elf” (really a dragon) named Mordanai in the Netherwing Fields (Shadowmoon Valley). He starts the quest line. Those of you with the U.I. to show locs can find him at 59,58

Hated to Neutral

These quests are completed in order with none of them repeating for reputation. This gets you to the neutral reputation meaning that you’ll be able to continue on with a few more difficult quests.

  • Kindness: This quest is given by Mordenai and has you seeking out eight “Rocknail Flayer Carcasses” which drop from “Rocknail Flayers”. Simply feed these to the Netherdrakes above (use it in your inventory and stand still). The “Rocknail Rippers” drop parts that you can combine into one Carcass if you so wish. Both are near to the quest giver.
  • Seek Out Neltharaku: This quest is also given by Mordenai. He wishes for you to speak to Neltharaku who is located flying around 57,54 to 71,62. He will indeed be flying ABOVE you.
  • Neltharaku’s Tale: Given by Neltharaku… this quest simply has you talk to him about his story. I suggest reading it if you’re into WoW’s lore.
  • Infiltrating Dragonmaw Fortress: Neltharaku asks you to kill 15 Dragonmaw Orcs. The following orcs work for this:Drake-Rider, Peon, Elite, Subjgator, Wrangler, Skybreaker. They are located in the south-east corner of Shadowmoon Valley around 69,59.
  • To Netherwing Ledge!: Neltharaku has you collect 12 “Nethervine Crystal”s. These are found by flying all around Netherwing Ledge and collecting them.
  • The Force of Neltharaku: You need to free 5 Netherdrakes from the Orcs in Dragonmaw Fortress. You can use the Enchanted Nethervine Crystal in order to free them, however, each drake is guarded by an Orc. You HAVE to help him kill the Orc or it won’t be considered you freeing him.
  • Karynaku: Time to find another person with a neat name, this time Karynaku. She is at 69,62
  • Zuluhed the Whacked: Karynaku gives you a group quest to kill Zuluhed the Whacked. Accept the quest at the same time and move to 72,61 in Dragonmaw Fortress. You need five people to finish this quest. Tactics:
    Zuluhed has a Rain of Fire which you should avoid. He’ll spawn a demon portal in which you’ll want your tank to move Zuluhed to the other room while the rest of the party follows continuing to DPS. If your good at it the Demon will spawn and not attack your party. Just keep the DPS up and he’ll die. Loot the key, free Karynaku, and then speak to her for a free flight to the next quest npc which is…
  • Ally of the Netherwing: Mordenai! You fly back to him and accept your rewards. You get 42,000 reputation with Netherwing (hooray). Time to move on…

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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