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Oakmyst Forest is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful of all the low level zones. I've spent so much time in this zone with my newbie characters, and am always sad when I have out leveled it.

Designed for the low level adventurer, there is little danger, but lots of fun to be had! It's definitely a great place to get to know your new Qeynosian character.

This guide has been made for you to lead you through the sometimes confusing lands of Norrath. You'll find basic zone info and some very helpful quest info that makes stepping into one of these zones, much less frightening.


Minimum Level

Well, since it's a newbie zone, I'm gonna go out on a limb with level 1! This zone works well for levels 3 to level 10. After level 10, you will start to outgrow the highest level mobs and quests, and you'd benefit more by moving on to tougher content.


Connecting Zones

There are two gates in Oakmyst, one leading to Greystone Yard, the other leading to Castleview Hamlet. You are likely to find that the majority of the low level quests in these villages will take you into Oakmyst.

There is also a dock in Oakmyst that has a bell that will take you to any of the connecting bells throughout the city, and outside.



"Natural Causes?" - Simplest quest ever! Just kill a few spiders, frogs, and mystail rats for auto-updating items that Lieutenant Charlin needs. Reward: Experience, faction with Tunarian Alliance, and coin. This opens up the following quests (listed in order of availability):

"Cause for Investigation" - Lieutenant Charlin has another task for you, go out and find soil samples! They spawn all over, and are not hard to find. Reward: Experience, faction Tunarian Alliance, and coin.

"A Citizen's Request" - Lieutenant Charlin now sends you off to speak with Bardrian Vorsuth ,a barbarian found on the docks, about machines in Oakmyst. You will then return to Charlin, and he will send you off again to inspect the water for signs of another machine. The machine is found along the bank of the water near the bears. Reward: Experience, faction with Tunarian Alliance, and coin.

"An important Meeting" - Charlin now wants you to interrupt a meeting. The meeting is happening up where the great bears are, and you'll need to kill the gnolls that are involved with the meeting as well.
Reward: Experience, faction with Tunarian alliance, and coin.

"Clean Up" - Charlin finally asks you to clean things up by taking care of a few loose ends. You'll be needing to kill a few named gnolls. The first is in an alcove near the falls, the next is way up on the high rock near the spiders, the last is north of the bridge by the deer. Reward: Experience, coin, and armor item of your choice. This quest completes the quest series given by Lieutenant Charlin.

"Feed the Sapling" - This is the first quest in a series given by Scholar Neola. She sends you to get a magical plant nutrient from the Alchemist Shop in Nettleville Hovel. It's found on the shelf of one of the bookcases. You will then need to sprinkle the nutrient on the sapling found near Neola. Reward: Experience and Dryad Vine Handwraps.

"Judgment of the Dryads" - After completing "Feed the Sapling", speak with Judge Eumonia. She asks you to 5 sunshimmer sprites. Reward: Experience and Ring of the Rootbrawn.

"Destroy the Corruption" - After completing "Judgment of the Dryads" hail Empress Anassa. Anassa asks you to slay Rotweed, an heroic named in the dryad cave. Reward: Experience and your choice of a cap, shawl, or gloves. This quest completes the series of quest given by the Dryads.

"An Ode to Oakmyst" - You get this quest from examining a rock (loc +768, +13, -247). You are asked to visit locations named in the poem. Sloshed Tree (loc +921, +2, -272). Oakmyst Falls (loc +995, +1, -203). Shaded Tail Glade (loc +870, +11, -225). Fay Overlook (loc +853, +13, -312). Teardrop Cave (loc +936, +12, -171). Reward: Experience and the Songweaver's belt.

"Proof of Poachers" - This quest comes from Steward Tredo found up by the great bears. He sends you to kill 2 of the poachers, who were recently renamed to shady furriers, found with the oakmyst deer. You then take your proof to Tracker Galera, she roams the path near the gate to Greystone Yard. Reward: Experience, and the Oakmyst Staff.

Collection Quests - Information on collection quests in Oakmyst Forest and all around Norrath, can be found here!


Grouping and Soloing

There really isn't any typical heroic content in Oakmyst Forest, as this zone and the other zones surrounding the villages are meant to get your feet wet in the big wide world of Norrath with a minimum of danger. There are a couple heroic named mobs in Oakmyst, one being Rotweed, the other is the unicorn named Ferith'Anar, that spawns there occasionally. It's always nice to have a group when doing some of the quests, and to complete the series of quests from the Dryads, you will need a group because of Rotweed. And make no mistake, he's a tough opponent!

Soloing in the early levels is a breeze, and to do so effectively, I strongly suggest doing the quests. There really is no better way to make xp, get gear, and earn coin.


I hope you have enjoyed and found useful the Ten Ton Hammer guide to Oakmyst Forest. If you have any questions or corrections, please feel free to e-mail me.


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