Walk Thru for OGRE who bestest Race EVER.

‘Kay, this what you do. First you find Kroota Gukbuther on docks. Him easy to find ‘cause him on docks a lot an' him smell like fish, but not in good way. Kroota a dummy ‘cause him got caught sayin' him like Rallos Zek and Captain Sorio get real mad an' make Kroota clean up trash. Kroota want you to find 4 pieces of broken vase and 2 bones ‘round the South Freeport gate, ‘cause him lazy.

Find ‘em and go back to Kroota. Him now getting ready for big ceremony for Rallos Zek. Kroota tell you about Rat Barsh (Yup. It really Barsh). Go to Sprawl gate an' kill six rats, then go back to Kroota who get so happy that him give you nice bag. Rats not enough for the party though, so Kroota give you new job called “ Much Ado' About Rallos.” Him always gotta be dramatic.

You gotta talk to three more peoples to get stuff for ceremony. Zukogg got skinflesh. She just outside of bank. Zukogg tells you that her skins are too old. Try not to laugh and grab some from the barrels next to Darby the tailor. He there too and there are four barrels stacked together.

Now, go bug Barch about some blood. Him the ugly guy makin' angry wavey hands in front of Torch of Oggok. Barch wants to give you elf blood, but him need vase to put it in. Elf blood look PRETTY in vase! Go to northest rooms WAY in back an' find some Qeynos prisoners makin' cry baby faces. If you are leavin' South Freeport gate turn left and it will be the first clicky door on your left. Inside is pretty vase. Careful it FRAGILE. (Fragile mean if you break it you get in trouble.) Go back to Barch. Him happy now.

Last person you need is stinkin' troll named Crattok near scribe shop. You need get incense from Crattok but her so stupid she not even know what incense IS. Tell her it "smelly powder, with smoke" an' she go “OH YEAH!”. Stupid trolls. Crattok wants you to pay her, but you not got what stupid troll want. Go tell Kroota. Him give you some rat carcasses to give to troll girl. Waste nummy rats on stupid fat troll who don't share, an' she give you incense. Bring all the stuffs to Kroota an' him give you tastey nice drink called "Swill of the Victor.". Don't share with greedy troll.

Now lazy ol' Kroota send you insteada HIM (‘cause him LAZY!) to talk to Somdoq and begin ceremony. Before you go make sure you talk to Kroota so you gets the stuffs FOR ceremony.

Head to center of town an' follow the left alley along outside towards Sprawl gate. Just before you get to gate, turn right and Somdoq will be in the first door on your left.

Him tell you to rip flesh, smear blood on you face, smash pretty vase, and burn stink incense. This part LOTTA FUN! Look at stuff to make sure you do it right, or you jus' stand there starin' at dumb ol' Somdoq when ya could be breakin' stuff an' getting' messy.

Talk to Somdoq again and listen to ceremony. Try not to fall asleep ‘cause Somdoq make grouchy faces. You do all this an' Kroota will be real happy an' give you NICE NEW BELT ‘cause you do such good job. Him then tell you to see Enforcer Kurdek in Sprawl for more quest stuff ‘cause Kroota TOO LAZY TO DO IT.

…don't be lazy like Kroota. Go see'em.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016