Be the best Hero that you can be on Temple of Anubis.

Any Hero can have success on this map, but the following are overviews of choices that might make sense for you.  

  • Bastion can have some success on this map, especially defending on Point A with some support. 
  • D.Va is great on Attack.  Her mobility and RMB can get her to the point and draw attention from the rest of your team.   Backdooring on Point A can force your opponents to turn from the initial choke point making for easy picks. 
  • Junkrat can be useful on Attack if you are having issues breaking a point.   
  • Lucio is a strong pick, A++ on both Attack and Defense.
  • Mei is a strong choice on Defense if you team has enough DPS.  If not, avoid her.   Freezing people who nobody can kill doesn't help your team. 
  • Mercy is an A++ choice on both Attack and Defense.   
  • Pharah is exceptional on this map as Attack.   On Defense she can have her moments if you have the right team composition. 
  • Reaper can make a name for himself on Attack, but there are better choices on Defense. 
  • Reinhardt is almost necessary on Attack against some compositions.   He's also an excellent choice on Defense. 
  • Roadhog is above average on Defense, but challenging to make work on Attack without a coordinated team. 
  • Soldier: 76 is the baseline.  You can play him on any map.  Attack of Defense. 
  • Symmetra can be useful on Defense at Point A, but should be avoided otherwise. 
  • Torbjorn can have his moments on Defense, especially at Point A, but lines of sight are poor on Point B and good teams will wreck him. 
  • Tracer is excellent at forcing Defenders to turn at Point A, but loses her charm as you move through the map.  She's a liability on Defense. 
  • Zarya is a solid choice on Attack or Defense at all points throughout the map. 

Point A is a relatively easy to hold Point as long as you control the access to the "arches".   Once Attackers break through they can come at you from the left or the right, both of which have avenues to backdoor the point.   Holding the first arches is paramount to success. 

Point B was once a fortress, but map changes have opened up paths along both the right and left.   A coordinated team can take this point in one push.  The team that trickles in 2 or 3 at a time will never take it. 

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Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016

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