The Fallen Dynasty and the Exact Location of Godzilla

By: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Over the years I've had exposure to just about every type of Asian media from Speed Racer to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. My favorites among these, were the classic Godzilla movies. Godzilla would show up to a city in distress (usually Tokyo) and fight whatever evil stood in the way, whether it was Gammorah, Mecha <insert robot name>, or even King Kong. Where am I going with this? The Fallen Dynasty of course!

Like many other sites, we were given a PR tour of the new adventure pack by Blackguard and Raijinn. Unlike some of those people in attendance, I actually had been tooling around the beta on Test. My search for Godzilla began in the very cool Village of Shin. Why Shin got an entire village to himself, I do not know, but I bet listening to the teachers in the town would answer many of your questions. In the tradition of all good Kung Fu movies we saw a master coming down to train his students. I peered around many buildings expecting to the see the giant foot of Godzilla but I was disappointed at every turn. The architecture of the village, however, is amazing. I was momentarily disappointed in a few buildings that had no interior but a thought occured to me. What a great place for player housing! Perfect vacation homes! I could hint harder, but it would involve me taping suggestions to rocks.

Blackguard walked us past a small pond with a bridge over it, and through some rice patties.  It occurred to me this was the first time I had done that in a game without an M-16 rifle, but I resisted the temptation to yell "Incoming!"  This entire zone is absolutely beautiful and I was impressed just with how much there is to do (at the appropriate level) in just the starting area.   With a  small stream, flowers, and a waterfall, the eye candy is plentiful.  There are numerous quests to be done, many of which require speaking to a multiple NPC's.  I was a little hestitant when I heard the character art was going to be SOGA (I prefer traditional models), but I have to admit they did a great job.   As we exited the village zone, I believe I heard Gammorah soaring over head.

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All I got From These Women
was the Cold Shoulder
and a Beat Down

We moved on to the first dangerous area.   This forest like zone had a river and seemed to climb elevation as you moved into the zone. They also had monkeys! Fortunately, none of them threw poo. Apparently this zone was being overrun by local pirates who were looking for something.  What are they looking for? I'm not going to tell you!  Read the lore and do the quests!  We ran through some water filled caves across a broken bridge (their public works department is out of money) and proceeded to swim beneath the lake.  They have an honest to goodness underwater area with rooms, and stuff to kill, and places to drown.   The underwater area will be very interesting and a first for the game. I bet you'll stay in range of your healers now won't you?

It was time to see the dungeon.   We ported into a dark, cavernous area and I began to look around.  I noticed that the.. OMG a giant snake lady just beat the living crap out of me!  Ok, this is apparently the end game zone.  Blackguard mentioned these mobs were some of the hardest single group heroic content in the game.  Translation:  Radar needs to bring multiple repair kits. Now surely in this giant maze I would find Godzilla lumbering through, breathing fire so I got excited. Blackguard ran through a series of secret passages and stairways so quickly I felt completely lost. The mobs were so well hidden at times, I died more times than Kiara in a Halls of Fate run. What is really interesting about this dungeon is you can see the end of it from the beginning, but it's vertical so you have to find your way up. I like the design.

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Blackguard Pimping the New
Dirge Hat...Wee Wee

Finally, after an epic battle against untold numbers of flashy things which would have lagged the crap out of HAL 9000, we were taken to Niami Denmother's home to view the new Tier 6 furniture. Some of it is absolutely gorgeous, and I can't wait to get my hands on a few pieces. Blackguard showed off a few of the new class hats (Darammer is going to look so adorable in his new Dirge beret) and we oogled those for a few minutes. The last thing I did was wander all through Niami's home, and finally found Godzilla! Ok it was a pet dragon but I'll be danged if I'm going to an asian themed world without finding him. The adventure pack, is well worth the few dollars it cost in my opinion for the large amount of content it will provide. Keep your eye open for the Fallen Dynasty coming this month!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016