As the roster of Paragon continues to grow it’s important to understand how to counter specific Heroes. Drafting against any Hero is often key but being aware of each Heroes strengths and limitations and how to work against them. In the list below and the fourth of our series, we provide a list of tips and tricks we think you’ll find helpful for dealing with Paragon's Tank Heroes. You can find how to counter other Hero types below.


1. Rampage is strong early game because his regeneration is incredibly valuable, especially when in the jungle. He can solo most enemy Heroes if he catches them so it's best to Ward heavily.

2. Rampage's stun (Boulder Throw) has a default 2 second duration. This is deadly at all stages of the game. If you see him with it, have your Tank body block or use an evasive skill. 

3. At level 5 Rampage can often roam the jungle with impunity because if he does get into trouble, he can use his Ultimate to leap miles away. Ward your side of the jungle and collapse on him as a team if he does enter your territory. 

4. Heroes that can burst Rampage quickly, when he triggers his Ultimate, often do well against him. Most Rampage players trigger their Ultimate and the high regeneration when low health. Before his regeneration gets up to speed, there's a window to lay on as much damage as possible: Murdock, Feng Mao and even Khaimera are exceptional at capitalizing on this low health. 

5. Stuns are your best bet at locking down Rampage as he can simply leap away from slows or control methods such as Dekker's Containment Fence. 

6. Most Rampage players build early game damage to capitalize on the fact he has so much accessible regeneration. Ensure you counter this by building physical armor. 

7. Iggy & Scorch thanks to the card, Tainted Magic, are incredible versus Rampage as it reduces his regeneration by 75% when poisoned. 

8. A skilled Rampage will never use his leap, Pounce, to engage. He'll always save it for when the shit hits the fan. Stun him if he's about to use it. 

9. Rampage can be relentless when attacking players in the Jungle. If he builds Tanky, with some damage, he can take on any ADC with ease. Take Heroes that can slow or knock him back (Murdock, Grim.exe). 


1. If Steel isn't in Travel Mode during an engage against you or a Tower it's highly likely he has his Ultimate armed ready to use it. Spread out. 

2. Steel will always use Charge against you after using Shield Slam. There's nothing you can do against this prolonged crowd control if you get caught in the original Ultimate. The key is to avoid Shield Slam in the first place. 

3. Try to always run around Steel's Force Shield if he places it up. Usually there's enough room - if there isn't, walk through it and then use a mobility skill to prevent him entering travel mode. 

4. Steel is incredibly vulnerable early game until he builds armor and health. Use this time to kill him as often as possible using stuns to prevent his Charge should he need to escape. 

5. To defend his team Steel will always use Force Shield. Don't use your skills against it - simply wait for it to fade away. 

6. Riktor is a brilliant counter to Steel. You can pull him out of position and interrupt him for long periods of time. Just be sure to stay away from his Shield Slam.

7. Heroes with high mobility are great versus Steel as they can comfortably avoid his Shield Slam. Twinblast, Feng Mao, and Sevarog can be particularly good as they can instantly avoid his Ultimate. 


1. Sevarog will spend a lot of time jungling and he only has one short means of escape. Use this to your advantage and harrass him constantly before he gets his armor online. 

2. As a melee tank with no defensive skills, Sevarog is an easy target. He has a large hit box that's hard to miss - have your team regularly focus him if you can't hit anyone else. 

3. Sevarog can use his Phantom Rush to fly through players but most Sevarog players will save it to escape. If he does rush through you, stun him quickly to prevent him actioning his Ultimate. 

4. It's often easier to deal with Sevarog later game than early or mid simply because he grows in size as he gains more souls. This makes it particularly easy to hit him although it does allow him to also body-block easier. 

5. If you can lock-down Sevarog with a stun (or multiple stuns and slows) there's very little he can do. Once he's out of position his Phantom Rush really won't save him. 

6. Subjugate (his root) has a tiny AOE. Take Heroes that can block or leap away from it to counter him. 

7. Dekker is fantastic against Sevarog while Narbash is also strong if you stun and use Crash Bang Boom! after his escape. 

8. Unsurprisingly it's a good idea to take armor pierce and shred cards versus Sevarog. Most players build him tanky - use this against him. 

9. Slows and Heroes with mobility work exceptionally well against Sevarog. If you can prevent him reaching you, there's very little he can do. Gadget, Iggy & Scorch, Narbash and Dekker can all run rings around him thanks to mobility skills. 


1. Riktor's pull early game is short. He has to come close to use it and with no escape skills, it's the best time to dodge it and attack him back. 

2. Riktor's relatively large hit-box makes it incredible easy to hit him. Most Riktor's also don't build armor until mid to late game. Kill him early game as often as possible while he's squishy. 

3. There's very little if anything that you can do against a Riktor who has successfully pulled you. He'll instantly - unless it's on cooldown - use his Ultimate. Watch for his hand being raised in the air to know that he's going to use his Riplash. 

4. As obvious as it sounds, it's best to never get pulled by Riktor simply because his chain combo of Riplash > Skewer > Shock Therapy can shut down and/or kill just about any non-tank Hero. 

5. Riktor will often roam looking to open with Skewer before following up with Riplash once you escape. Warding or having a stun available prevents him from doing this. 

6. Riktor is a huge counter to Khaimera. He can silence him, pull him, and keep him stunned. It's best to draft a ranged heavy composition. 

7. Muriel can work well against Riktor just to provide a knockup to an enemy caught in his pull or at the very least, some much needed shielding. 

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Last Updated: Sep 09, 2016

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