Almost every World of Warcraft player has their favorite old school dungeon. Whether it be Scholomance, Hellfire Citadel, or even the Black Morass; we all have that one dungeon that brings back fond memories and good stories. Sometimes we even wish that we could go back and recapture our time inside.

Of course, we can revisit those dungeons anytime we so wish. In fact, players do it often, stomping through them without a care in the world. However, breezing through these dungeons in less than a few minutes is just not the same. Without the challenge, these dungeons have lost their magic and any sense of accomplishment that went along with it. Wouldn't it be nice to see your favorite old school dungeon revitalized and renewed so that it was challenging again? Well, in Patch 6.2 your wish has come true with the introduction of a brand new event called Timewalking. Learn more below:

Overview - Requirements - Rewards - PTR Dungeons

Timewalking in Patch 6.2

Timewalking is one of seven new weekend events that will take place in Patch 6.2. These events will run from noon on Friday till noon on Monday every week. Two of these events will feature Timewalking. During Timewalking weekends, players will be able to queue up for a random old-school dungeon. Timewalking will not be available except during these specific weekends.

Now you might be thinking, why would I want to run an old dungeon when I can already do it now? Won't it be super easy and I'll blast through it in no time at all? To make Timewalking dungeons difficult Blizzard is introducing a new type of “heroic” difficulty. Instead of scaling the dungeon up your character's power and gear will be scaled down to match the current dungeon you are in. All talents and skills will remain, they will just be toned down to match the dungeon level.

Timewalking Requirements

Of course not everyone will be able to participate in Timewalking in every dungeon. There are some level requirements in place. Level requirements for Timewalking are as follows:

  • Burning Crusade Content – Level 71 and Up
  • Wrath of the Lich King Content – Level 81 and Up

Besides the level requirements, Timewalking will also only be available on specific three day weekends. This is not a feature that will be available constantly to players, at least not yet.

Timewalking Rewards

Of course, revisiting old dungeons might not be enough of a draw, but the loot might be. Keeping in the spirit of going old-school, almost every piece of loot in Timewalking dungeons is being scaled up. So any and all loot you receive in a dungeon while Timewalking will scale up to an item level appropriate for use at your current level. Blizzard provides us with this example:

"That’s right, when you Timewalk through Utgarde Pinnacle, take down King Ymiron, and loot his Red Sword of Courage, it will scale up to an item level appropriate for use at your level."

Other than dropped loot, players will also have a chance at an extra Seal of Inevitable Fate to give them an extra opportunity for treasure in Hellfire Citadel or Mythic Dungeons. During a Timewalking weekend, an NPC will appear outside the Garrison with the quest A Frozen Path Through Time. This quest requires the player to complete 3 Timewalking dungeons. Once completed, the Seal of Inevitable Fate will be awarded to the player.

PTR Testing Dungeons

While we don't have a full list of dungeons that will eventually be available for Timewalking, we do have some idea of which dungeons we will be revisiting. The following dungeons will be available for Timewalking over the course of the PTR test period:

  • The Arcatraz
  • Black Morass
  • Mana-Tombs
  • The Shattered Halls
  • The Slave Pens
  • Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
  • Gundrak
  • Halls of Lightning
  • The Nexus
  • Utgarde Pinnacle

Check back for more information as it becomes available! In the meantime, be sure to check out Blizzard's Patch 6.2 Preview – Timewalking for even more information on this new game feature. What do you think about Timewalking? Good idea or a lazy way to fill a patch with content? Which dungeons would you like to see made available for this event? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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