Tabula Rasa's Pinhole Falls is a system of caverns which newer players will begin exploring shortly after completing their Alia Das and Lower Eloh missions. Join RadarX as he explores this dangerous area filled with creatures who'd love nothing more to munch on your head and make you run from a distant respawn point. How to collect survey data, kill miasmas, get Logos, and recently revised missions await you here in our guide.

Pinhole Falls is a waterfall to the west of Alia Das, aptly named because a small hole in a cliff drains water to a pool below. At the base of the waterfall awaits a series of caverns providing you with a few missions to complete and a Logos to find. You will be directed here from a few mission givers in Alia Das to assist the Corman miners in whatever unusual work they are involved in.

Find all your missions and Logos in our guide.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016