For over a year now, the MMOG World of Warcraft has attracted millions of gamers, both young and old to the shores of Azeroth and Kalimdor to fight on either the mighty Horde, or the noble Alliance. As more and more people reach the level cap of 60 set by Blizzard, people are continually categorizing the game, and all those who reach the cap into 2 groups: the first being the end game content raiders, and the second being the casual playing 60's. Let me tell you right now, that this is NOT the case at all. Blizzard has provided within the World of Warcraft an incredible amount of "Fluff", better known as the content that is inside the game for the players to enjoy, but recieve no experience benefit from, (all the fun stuff!!). World of Warcraft is filled to the brim with crazy, creative, wild, funny and exotic content for all ages and types of gamers to enjoy, so sit back, relax and let me explain to you some of the funnest events in the game, that most players are too busy to enjoy!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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Byron has been playing and writing about World of Warcraft for the past ten years. He also plays pretty much ever other Blizzard game, currently focusing on Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone, while still finding time to jump into Diablo III with his son.


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