Our series of pocket guides go into detail on various techniques, social etiquette, game mechanics, and many other subjects that don’t need a several page guide or could use a simplified version. Our pocket guides serve as a unique resource to help you become better at World of Warcraft through the power of knowledge.

So browse around! If there isn’t a guide here that answers your question then try our nifty site map (located on the front page) listing all of our various guides. Nothing there? Search the Ten Ton Wiki (a community editable resource) or ask in our forums!

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Name Description
Exploring the Outlands The basics of exploring the new zones
Grinding XP A short guide on grinding XP (when to do it and how)
Fleeing Battle When to run away and how to do it safely.
Getting your Mount Tips and tricks on getting your mount at or near level forty.
Hotbars What are your Hotbars and how do you get the most out of them?
Loot Rules Common loot rules and how best to avoid loot drama.
Potions When should you use a potion? What are the best potions? What about other consumables?
Decursive 2.0 (Macro Edition) How to make cleansing (or casting spells) easier through the power of macros.
Zone Flags What do the different colored zone names mean? Why am I flagged for pvp in some areas and not in others?
Instances What are instances? How do I find a group?
Roleplaying What is roleplaying? What are some roleplaying tips? What should I avoid while roleplaying?
Battlegroups What are battlegroups? List of battlegroups and the servers that are in them.
Food and Drink What types of food and drink are available? How are they consumed? Where are they found?
Using the Auction House Where are the Auction Houses? How do I use them? What can I sell there?
Creating a Guild Basics on creating a guild - where to go and what you'll need.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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