POLL: Respecing--Yes or No?

You created your character at launch. You may not have been entirely sure of what you were doing, or what, exactly, you wanted your character to be when he grew up. You were anxious to get in the game, so you ran with the build you'd created and you started racking up the experience points.

Now, you've been climbing the level chain and you're closer to the top than you are the bottom. But you wish you'd made some different decisions for your character. If only you'd known then what you know now, you would've taken a level of class X, or selected feat Y, or focused on ability Z.

Sometimes it's not practical to reroll a character that you've invested a lot of time into. But with the exception of enhancements, the decisions you make in DDO are permanent. Should Turbine allow for at least one respec per character, letting players reset their choices and make them anew without losing any levels of experience? Or should Turbine allow respecing with some form of penalty?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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