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The sorcerer is an arcane spell caster like the wizard. However, while
wizards learn their craft through careful study and practice, the
sorcerer’s talents are innate…something she’s born with. She is known
to attribute her natural gifts to the dragon blood she believes courses
through her veins. And while claims of draconic lineage remain
unsubstantiated, sorcerers often possess exotic good looks, which add
to their air of mystery.

The sorcerer knows fewer spells overall than his wizard counterparts,
and he tends to be a specialist rather than a generalist, but he can
cast more spells more often in the heat of battle. The sorcerer’s
spells do not have to be prepared in advance at a rest shrine or
tavern, so he can select them at will.

A sorcerer can choose to follow many different paths. She may opt to be
an offensive powerhouse, specializing in spells that deal damage. Or
she may choose more subtle magic; spells to enhance her adventuring
party’s performance, for instance, and keep aggressive monsters at bay
through charms and illusions.


While wizards enhance their arcane knowledge through
intense study, a sorceerer can only expand his power through practice.
Thus, most sorcerers adventure to test teh boundries of their power. It
is through the danger and dire need that the adventuring life brings
that sorcerers discover new latent powers. style="font-weight: bold;">

Class Features

Weapon Proficiency: Sorcerers
can use all simple
weapon types. They cannot use any armor or shields without special

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Sorcerers can cast spells from the arcane spells list. Sorcerer spell
points and difficulty checks are based on the Charisma score.

Suggested Races

  • href="">Drow
    (+2 DEX and CHA, and drow racial Enhancements lend well to casting)
  • href="">Elf
    (+2 DEX provided a little extra armor, and elf racial Enhancements lend
    well to casting)
  • href="">Human
    (an extra Feat, extra skill points, and good racial Enhancements)

Key Abilities

Each class
begins with 28 points to spend over 6 abilities (Intelligence, Wisdom,
Constitution, Dexterity, Strength, and Charisma). Charisma is a crucial
ability for sorcerers as it affects the sorcerer’s spell power and the
number of spell points he has available. Dexterity may be a logical
choice when spending ability points, since good Dexterity raises the
sorcerer’s AC to help protect the frail spell caster from
damage. Some points to Constitution would not be misspent, since extra
hit points will keep a sorcerer alive longer.

Class Skills

Bluff and
Concentration are the sorcerer class skills. Bluff is only useful for
characters with at least one level of rogue (for Sneak Attack), so
only spend here if you sorcerer is picking up a level of rogue.
is an important skill for a sorcerer; it helps increase her chance of
continuing to cast while taking damage. Use Magic Device is a nice
Skill that will help make up for the sorcerer's limited spells known
list but making it easier to use wands, but costs twice the normal
amount of Skill points. Diplomacy is not a class Skill (and costs twice
as much for this reason), but points here will help the sorcerer
encourage monsters to find targets other than himself.

Suggested Feats

Toughness is a no-brainer when it comes to selecting Feats—it increases
the sorcerer’s maximum spell points by 10 the first level and 5 each
additional level. Combat casting adds +4 to Concentration checks for
defensive casting, and is worth consideration. Metamagic Feats also
ones to consider; they improve spells but burn more spell points while
in use.

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