The Priest Guide's equipment section has been completely re-written to proved tons of new and helpful information. This will allow you to find all the best gear for your character, regardless of build or play style. We also provide some information on all the new dungeon and raiding sets.


Here is where the differences in spec really come into play. As a Healing priest your main effect bonuses that you want are going to be +healing and +mana over time. This will allow you to better heal and control your mana pool by casting bigger heals less often, while still regenerating mana through fights. As a shadow priest the effects you are most interested in are +spell damage and +spell critical chance. These allow you to dish out more damage in a shorter amount of time so that you can prepare for the next fight.

You can find it all in our updated Priest Guide Equipment Section.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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