The Psionicist

Psionicists call power from within themselves instead of from the world around them. Being lightly armored will restrict the psionicist’s up front melee abilities, but then casters have never been that capable or welcome there.

The class’s true power will come from their ability to buff their friends and affect an enemy. Combat enchantments and armor class buffs for a party should make the Psionicist welcome in most groups. They will be able to inflict direct damage on their opponents. For crowd control they have a mind bar ability, which immobilizes a mob. This will help prevent a party from being overwhelmed with mobs.

Each use of their abilities, will take up concentration to maintain. This will be shown on a bar, similar to a mana bar, on the U/I. This concentration pool will increase with level and new abilities will become available. These abilities will not always from the local class trainer, there will be times the psionicist will need to travel to “gestalts” to advance his understanding of his class. These gestalts will be scattered throughout the world and to get to them may be an adventure in itself.

This class will not be available to characters from Thestra, only those from Qalia and Kojan. The class promises to be an interesting, and challenging character to play and will redefine what a mentalist is in online gaming.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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