Quellious Deity Quest Line

Guide By: Savanja


Quellious is represented by a beautiful, child-like avatar. This gentle good aligned God stands for peace, tranquility, and harmony, and she strives to bring order and enlightenment to the mortal races. As a monk, this was an obvious deity choice for me, and the more I read about Quellious, the more I knew that she was the appropriate representative of all that my character strives for in her virtual life.

Choosing your deity is easy enough, but then you must prove your loyalty through a series of quests. The quest line for Quellious is more just running around and meditating than any actual work. It's not a difficult quest, and could be easily completed at level 30 (there is one level 30 NPC that you need to spar with and win), but there are rumors that there may be a minimum level. I'm still waiting on an official word on that.

You begin your quests with Pacificator Merrik. He is found up on the cliff near the griffon tower in Butcherblock Mountains, (loc 332, 194, 371). Click on the altar and accept Quellious as your chosen deity, then begin your journey to enlightenment!

You'll complete each quest in the order in which I have written them, and when finally finished, you will have warm faction with Quellious, and a couple of nifty altars, a new pet, and a very nice pale blue and white cloak.


At Peace with the Past (Level 25) - Your first task that Merrik gives to you is to find the Great Galabo, he's on top of the rock (loc -236, +159, +381) directly east
(around the big rock) of Merrek. Speak with him then sit and meditate with him to get the update. After speaking with
Merrik again, you will need to head back to Galabo and feed the yarpsnarl who is on the ground next to the rock.
This completes the quest. Reward: Faction for Quellious and Experience.

Peace of Mind, Peace of Body (Level 35) - Merrik wishes for you to focus your mind and your body. To do this, he wants you to visit specified locations and take
a moment to meditate in each. The first location is the Ancient Rings in Greater Faydark. This is just west of
Turquoise Pond (loc -304, 50, 27). The next location is Siren Island (loc 531, 43, -95), found just off of the coast
in the bay. The spot you need is just before you step out onto the wooden outlook.

Return to Merrik and then he will then ask you to find Sam in the Steamfront Mountains. Sam is Sister Sam, and she is found
just off the southeastern path from Greater Faydark. You'll give her the note from Merrik, then she'll attack you. She's a
level 30 solo mob, and fairly easy to take down. After she's been defeated, she'll give you a clockwork sparring partner
that you are now required to fight. It's another level 30, and you'll end up breaking it and needing to find a gnome to
fix it. The gnome you are looking for is up in the little town of Gnomeland Security (-646, 131, 948). The gnome Julius,
who does clockwork repair is inside the house where the mender, and general merchant are. Take the repaired clockwork
back to Sister Sam, then meditate with her for a bit. You now get to return to Merrik, and meditate. Reward:
Symbol of the Tranquil (a neck piece), Faction for Quellious, and Experience.

Peace through Games (Level 50) - For the 3rd quest in this series, Merrik will ask you to head over to Lesser Faydark to find his student in the Monk village.
This area found near the entrance to Butcherblock Mountains, and the monk that you are looking for is Ootani. She sits
inside one of the tents. She wants to play a game (no, not quite like Saw), but first you need to find the stones. They
spawn, two at a time near her, so just wait for them to spawn after you pick 2 up. There's a lot of waiting in this
quest line. After you've picked up 9 stones, you then get to play tic tac toe with Ootani! When you are done,
presumably winning, you return to Merrik. Reward: A Peaceful Visage (a pet) that increases your wisdom, Faction for
Quellious, and Experience.

A Saboteur of Peace (Level 65) - Merrik sends you to speak with Darmlin, who is found down on the Butcherblock docks (loc 675, 24, 588) inside of a hut.
Darmlin is all in a huff about his fruit, and in order to help him out, you need to find his helper, Tjek (loc -310, 150, 194).
Tjek is found off of the path going towards the quarry (northwest of Lesser Faydark zone). It seems he's injured and he
needs you to gather some good fruit. You do this by gathering from the trees in the area, most of the time you will pick
bad fruit, so just keep it up until you get 5 good fruit, then return it to Darmlin. Darmlin will send you back to Merrik.

Merrik then needs you to find a totem in the trees. This is misleading, as the totem that you are looking for doesn't
spawn in the same location and it can be anywhere between the quarry, the zone to Lesser Faydark, and the area towards what
will be The Estate of Unrest. I found mine in the area with the charred trees. Report back to Merrik.

Merrik gives you a seed and asks you to plant it in the Loping Plains to bring peace. You want a spot of dirt in the town of
Somborn, which is found just behind the provisioner. Return to Merrik.

You now have to gather water from Greater Faydark (Merrik is a demanding little fellow, isn't he?). I found the update in
the water around Tunare's Sapling. Take the water back to the seed that you planted in Loping Plains, and your quest is
complete. Reward: Merrik's Altar of Quellious, Faction for Quellious, and Experience.

The Gathering (Level 70) - Finally, the last leg of this quest series. Merrik wishes for you to return to those that you have already spoken with,
Galabo, Ootani, and Sister Sam. You'll then need to return to Qeynos to gather a few items.
The pie comes from the general merchant from the tavern in the Baubleshire. The mat is found on the Monk trainer
in Elddar Grove. The candle comes from the general store in North Qeynos. All of these items are purchased, you'll need
about 4 gold in total.

You now head off to the cave found on the hill behind the monk camp in Lesser Faydark, here you simply listen to Merrik speak, and your quests will finally be complete! Reward: Cloak of Tranquility, Faction with Quellious, and Experience.


I hope that you have found this guide to be helpful! If you have any questions, comments, or additions, please feel fre to e-mail me.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016