Choosing The Best Race For Your Class

In this guide we provide an overview of each Race in Guild Wars 2 and what they offer.


Guild Wars 2 offers players to play any class with any race and to play it all in any ways. However, some races are just better at some classes than others. Use this guide to figure out how to build your character to its full potential and take it a step well above the rest.


  • Pain Inverter
  • Radiation Field
  • Technobabble
  • Summon D-Series Golem
  • Summon 7-Series Golem
  • Summon Power Suit

Asura have Radiation Field and Pain Inverter which combo to make a healthy, if short, amount of condition damage. If specialized into these conditions, or used to round out a build that lacks poison, daze and weakness, these skills could be rather useful. Radiation Field in particular is great for that long duration of poison and weakness that can be dropped wherever you need to put it.

Unfortunately the elites for the Asura are rather lackluster. The D-Series Golem barely provides a reflect worth talking about due to it constantly moving and being a destroy-able ally. The Power Suit could be good if it lasted a bit longer but as it is you are better off ignoring it. The 7-Series Golem is possibly the best of the lot but due to short duration, having a health bar and a three minute cool down it really isn’t worth talking about.

Classes that highly benefit from being an Asura would be Warrior, Mesmer, Elementalist and possibly Necromancer. If these classes focus on conditions they could really get just a bit extra use out of Radiation Field and Pain Inverter. Necromancer can take the skills just a bit further with Epidemic, especially when one considers that Radiation Field is a bit better than Corrosive Poison Cloud.


  • Battle Roar
  • Hidden Pistol
  • Shrapnel Mine
  • Artillery Barrage
  • Warband Support
  • Charrzooka

Charr skills aren’t all that impressive as a set. All the normal utility skills are great but there are weapon skills that do them much better. Even Battle Roar is lackluster compared to a Ranger on their horn or a Warrior’s “For Great Justice!” which gives better might and a longer lasting fury.

The elites aren’t that much better either. Artillery Barrage is a weaker version of a Ranger’s Longbow Barrage in every way including damage. Charrzooka has a modest damage output but for the cool down, and completely sacrificing the utility of your weapon sets, it doesn’t really stand up to measure. The only elite that is worth mentioning is Warband Support for the extra bodies when it comes to solo PvE play.

For amusement you could run a Charr Necromancer minion master build that makes use of Warband Support so you can have the most possible minions on the field at one time. Mesmers or Engineers can benefit from Warband Support or Charrzooka for a better solo PvE option in map completion. Other than that there really is no distinct advantage a Charr gives to any class.


  • Prayer to Dwayna
  • Prayer to Lyssa
  • Prayer to Kormir
  • Avatar of Melandru
  • Hounds of Balthazar
  • Reaper of Grenth

Humans have one skill worth mentioning in their normal utility skill set and that is Prayer to Kormir. Some classes, like Ranger or Thief, struggle to wipe conditions and Prayer to Kormir can be that solution. The only problem is the forty second cool down that makes you choose when is the exact moment you want to use that utility. Great for PvE play for the two classes mentioned but in any sort of team play ditch all of the prayers for more worthwhile skills and let your teammates help you with your condition issue.

All of the elites for Humans have a place and time that they can be incredibly useful. Hounds of Balthazar Is one of the best PvE racial elites for situations where you just need to deal damage, damage and more damage. Avatar of Melandru can be great for some additional support, especially for the burst of health it can provide allies. Finally, Reaper of Grenth provides an unblock-able radius of chill and poison that can serve some use in WvW for a roaming melee class.

There is something to be said for any class going Human for each of these useful, if situational, elites but the classes that can get the best use is Ranger, Warrior, Thief, Elementalist and Guardian. If you use Reaper of Grenth, and are playing a highly mobile roaming role as one of those classes, your enemy will be struggling to get away from you and recover while you don’t have to focus on filling a utility with a slow or poison.


  • Call Owl
  • Call Wurm
  • Become the Wolf
  • Become the Bear
  • Become the Raven
  • Become the Snow Leopard

The normal utility skills for the Norn are just absolutely lackluster. Call Owl just provides a quick three stacks of bleed and a small bit of damage but with a huge cool down. Then Call Wurm just summons up a Wurm that deals almost negligible amounts of damage but can tank a bit  for you but don’t expect it to kill anything.

For the elites Become the Wolf and Become the Raven are both pretty similar and pretty useless with a small bit of power in their attacks. Become the Bear is a powerhouse simply for its charge ability. If you use it like Fiery Greatsword (pinning an enemy to a wall then charging into them while untargeted) you can deal some huge numbers of damage. Become the Snow Leopard is great in its own right for being an elite that grants stealth to any class as well as being the only Norn elite that allows mobile attacks.

Warriors, Elementalists and Thieves benefit the most from being a Norn simply for what it offers these high damaging classes through Become the Bear and Become the Snow Leopard. Become the Bear, combined with a pure berserker stats, will deal some serious damage in the hands of these classes. In WvW you can use Become the Snow Leopard to help initiate, or run, from fights in you are roaming.


  • Healing Seed
  • Seed Turret
  • Grasping Vines
  • Take Root
  • Summon Sylvan Hound
  • Summon Druid Spirit

Take Root is an amazing ability for those who need a panic button and don’t really like their elites for whatever reason. It provides invulnerability and the seed turrets that spawn can tank some damage while still providing some decent additional damage. The only drawback is the two and a half minute cool down it has.  Summon Sylvan Hound and Summon Druid Spirit both suffer from the problem of beign too squishy for their abilities to be useful.

The other abilities aren’t worth really talking about, honestly. All of them suffer from being able to be destroyed before they can be useful. Especially Healing Seed which would be decent if the range of the regeneration pulse was larger so you could set up the seed outside of melee range.

All in all the classes that benefit the most from this would be Necromancer, Thief and Mesmers. Necromancers can find Take Root useful for a bit more survivability if their build doesn’t take advantage of their other elites. Thieves could use Take Root for a combo of stealth, invulnerability and the damage from the turrets. Finally, Mesmers could find use in the elite purely because it provides a solid option in solo PvE gameplay that their other elites might not provide.

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