The Caves

Quest One

Consul Bree is an ugly Erud lady. Bleh. Funky alien looking, heroin chickie that one is!! Make sure that you tell her that you're "here as requested." Otherwise you don't get the update for what's his face. She tells you that there's this trouble with gnolls blah blah blah and asks you to steal a plan book from the gnolls and decode it (because being an Erudite and all she still hasn't studied enough to know gnollish?).

You can find the planbook by the gnoll tent just through the little tunnel on the lowest level of the caves. Examine the book to get the update. From there you kill gnolls until the decoder drops, as any gnoll can have it. Once you have the cipher to decode the book, return to Bree and she rewards you with approximately 7s 20c and some faction.

Quest Two

Bree sends you off to destroy the forge at the gnoll armoury and various gnoll machines around the Caves. All of these can be found on the second level of the Caves. The machines are sprinkled about the second level and the forge is just before the ramp up to the third level. Once you finish there, return to Bree. She rewards you with approximately 11s 70c and faction.

Quest Three

That's right. It's the quest series that never ends folks! She wants you to kill Zen'Durata. First you have to collect things to perfom the summoning ritual. Before you run off to start collecting things, stop and talk to Emma Torque. She's a little gnomey chick right near Bree.

After this, you need to collect 5 albino python scales, dust from a Rockpaw camp, and a river stone from the behemouth. All of this can be found on the third level of the caves. Take friends, because some of these guys are rude. To get the river stone, you kill a behemouth and use the drawing ray you got from the gnomey chick on the remains. Then you harvest the stone from the remains. Nifty, huh? (Took me an hour to figure that out.)

Return to Consul Bree with the ingredients for the ritual. She'll reward you with approximately 14s 50c and faction.

Quest Four

Bree tells you to kill the shaman. She hands you a summoning wand thingie and sends you off. On the second level there's this big skull thingie. It lights up at this point. Right click and place the wand. The shaman guy spawns, you do the beat down, everyone cheers. Return to Bree and the Inn of the Dancing... errr... Right. Bree rewards you! Yup that's right. Faction, a Note from the Quartermaster and one of a number of armour pieces. I get the robe. It's pretty.

And you're FINALLY done. Your note from the Quartermaster sends you to Antonica to start your life in the Big Wide World! Yay!

Incidently, there's a side quest in the Caves from Emma Torque if you're interested. She likes to make things go boom and wants your help. You collect 15 mineral samples from the little node thingies on the ground and bring them back. She gives you approximately 11s 90c for this and some faction. Then she gives you blasting powder and sends you up to the third level to blow up a couple of digging machines. This is important. Clear the area FIRST. Then blow up the machines. Because the dude won't spawn unless both machines are smoking at the same time. If you botch it, Emma will give you more powder to try again. A short gnomey guy (omg rogue gnome run for your lives!) spawns with the gnolls and you smoosh him. Emma rewards you with faction and some shoes. Excuse me now while I go get treatment for my carpal tunnel...

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016