I. Trainer of Rogues

II. Paranoia

III. Spirited Away

IV. The Traitor


I. The Stygian Refugee

II. The Plague from the Past

III. Without Mercy

IV. The Truth Revealed

V. A Letter to the King


I. The Scroll

II. Impending Menace

III. Leaping Into Danger

IV. The Magical Barrier & Mansion of the Wizard

V. Stolen Truth

VI. Visions


I. The Answer

II. The Blood of a Whore

III. For the King

IV. Escaping Lava


I. Slaying Ulric

II. Three Sides of a Coin

III. The Phoenix Medallion

IV. Tina


I. Valeria

II. The Phoenix Medallion

III. The Face of Oppression

IV. Bring Down Strom

V. Freedom!

The Phoenix Medallion

"I must sneak into Strom's Keep from a tower entrance that can be accessed via a ladder down at the harbor. Once inside, I must work my way down to the throne room and steal the treasury key from Strom while he's passed out drunk."
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Sneak Into the Keep - Steal the Treasury Key - Steal the Phoenix Medallion

Once you're down at the docks, you'll find the ladder up to the top floor of the keep is almost directly opposite of the entrance to the Underhalls. It's a long climb up, but keep on ascending until you can't go any further and enter the keep through its back door.

Once inside, head straight across and down the stairs dispatching any guards as you go. You can either ignore the room on your left for now as you'll be back to take care of the enemies inside later, or you can clear out the area now. The choice is yours entirely.

As you follow the hallways, dispatching guards, eventually you'll come to a ladder in the floor. Take that down and you'll find yourself right behind a sleeping Strom in his throne. Be careful of running around too much down here, as you could aggro the guards in the room. Get as close as you can to the sleeping dolt, and "use" him to steal the treasury key.

Once you've got the key, head back up the ladder and all the way to that room by the keep's back entrance. Inside, take care of the enemies if you haven't already. They might be a bit tougher than the other guys, as two mini-bosses are guarding the treasury. If you die though, it's not too big of a deal. Your "rez" point is just 5 feet away at the back entrance so you won't have far to go before you can take another whack at them. After you've dispatched the baddies, get the key from the box and head out of the keep and back to the Thirsty Dog and Tina.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016