Rogue Class Guide - Equipment


In this section of our Rogue's guide, we take a look at the various weapons and armor your Rogue can equip!


Weapons Allowed:

  • Daggers
  • Thrown
  • Bows
  • Crossbows
  • Fist Weapons
  • Guns
  • One handed Maces
  • One handed swords

These are the weapons that are usable by Rogues. Daggers, Thrown, and Unarmed combat are all usable from level one with out any extra training. If you want to use any of the others you have to be trained by a specific Weapons Master. Also the Rogue can use two weapons at once or Dual wield after learning the skill from a Trainer.

Depending on the type of play you want to do, different weapons will serve different purposes. The following differences will only truly apply if you go down the Combat Talent tree and obtain the specialization of your liking for that weapon.


Best for PvP, Maces give you the ability to stun your opponents for a second, making your stunlocks that much better and allowing you and your team to take out people faster and easier. It doesn't directly translate to best PvE spec, however, since stuns are nice but not all that needed when attempting to maximize your damage output. It may give you some control, but you will be lacking the raw DPS swords, fists and daggers are able to output.


Best for PvE, Swords are the preferred weapon of many Rogues as the specialization in Swords nets you 1 extra swing whenever it procs, giving you a great advantage when dealing damage to monsters with lots of HP that are being tanked. This, however, means that you must be infront of your enemy at all times, which rarely happens with PvP as players tend to move out of your way, so this spec's usefulness in PvP is far from optimal.


Daggers used to be great for PvE and PvP, however, hemorrage/mutilate builds are now only used in PvP. The damage output Backstab gives you against static monsters or bosses is not enough to match up to Sword specialization, unless you crit a lot, in which case you run the high risk of pulling aggro yourself. Great for PvP when in small groups to ambush and kill people fast, but not very reliable at all until Blizzard 'fixes' Daggers once more.

Fist Weapons

Fist Weapons are often overlooked since all but the best raiders are able to obtain them, however, with Patch 2.4, a great set of Badge of Justice claws was put up in the Sunwell Vendor. The crit increase is great with this spec and it's great for overall DPS. Still lacking a bit in PvE compared to the best swords, fists are great for both PvE and PvP situations if you have a decent pair.

Thrown Weapons vs Guns/Bows/Crossbows

You should always aim at getting a thrown weapon as it enables you to use Deadly Throw, a good ability to use against runners. As of this moment, a good thrown weapon may be found from the Mechanar's Nethermancer Sepethrea, an epic upgrade may be found from Selin Fireheart in Heroic Magisters' Terrace, or better from raids. During leveling, however, equip ranged weapons for the stats and added attack power if you can find them.

Armor & Armor Sets

Armor Allowed: Cloth and Leather

As a rogue, you will always want leather armor no matter what. Cloth armor gives you no benefits and makes you extremely vulnerable to attacks - always use what your questgivers give you or what you can find from instances. As for professions, it is recommended you do Leatherworking if you're wanting to craft high-end armor for yourself, but with the options available at level 70, either Engineering or Alchemy may also be great choices.

Best Rogue Equipment


Rogue stats should focus on maximizing the amount of damage you deal. A rogue depends on being able to get in, deal a lot of damage and get back out with little interference by the target being attacked. Therefore, a rogue's most useful stat is Agility. Agility increases attack power, critical hit chance and armor.

Stamina is your second most important stat. While strength may be good for bonus Attack Power (1 for 1), Stamina will keep you alive through Blizzard's newest encounters in high-end dungeons and PvP. Without high stamina, you will not be able to survive the now-commonplace AoE bosses and enemies Blizzard keeps implementing.


The best effects for rogues are:

  • Improved critical strike chance
  • Increased attack power
  • Improved chance to hit
  • Increased chance to dodge an attack

These effects will help you to do a large amount of damage in a short amount of time.

Tiered Gear

Each class has a different set of gear that is specifically for them and has some of the best stats in the game. Here are the names of each set and where most of the parts are located. If you're interested in the details of each set, then have a look at our Ten Ton Hammer Database where you can search and find any item you're looking for.

You can find a list of all the items in the set at Blizzards set item site here: High Level Armor Sets .


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Rogue Class Guide - Equipment

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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