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Needed for "A Strange
Black Stone" (Glowing Black Stone Heritage Quest)
DESIGNTIMESP=" 13173="" bold=""> & to begin Chamber
of Immortality access

This quest gives you access to the
Ruins of Varsoon back (goblin) entrance, but is done by mostbecause
the precursor to the Chamber of Immortality access quest, which is
needed in order to kill Varsoon the Undying.  Zaen Kalstir
(Vermin's Snye:-162, 50 - head upstairs from zone in, go straight at
first large room,take first right at the second, Zaen is at the end of
the hallway)gives this access quest. First you must
visit theTomb of Varsoon entrance (cross the two high bridges
in northwest Antonica, flag is near the back of the mausoleum) and
to Zaen. The second step is a longer haul, youmust visit
thesecret entrance to Varsoon in TS. This entranceway is
directly southwest of the RoV we all know so well, just follow the wall
around to the south. Odds are you'll have to fight or take
damage to get the flag, the entrance isdefended by level 27 or so
goblins. Return toZaen.

last step is to kill an Archaic Fury in Crypt of
This mob spawns nearone of those circular drainage areas (80, -63),
just keep killing mobs in the hallway- we had to wait about 45 min for
the skelly to spawn. He's level 23 or so. Return to
Zaen to finish this quest, which will
allow you to start CoI access. Note that if you visit Rune Shimmerstar in the SQ
Mage Tower (red teleporter) with Zaen's reward in inventory, you'll get a
nice little quest to kill the Tomes of Life and Death, which you'll be
doing soon anyway as part of the GBS Heritage Quest.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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