Schnokered with Snoogle

Brell Day is one of the bestest holiday ideas ever, and to celebrate SOE has
added a brand new quest this year. Sure, it does require a little drinking and
if you are motion sick you’ll need a trashcan nearby. It’s still a lot of fun

First, head outside the West Freeport or North Qeynos city gates and you’ll
find a gaggle of dwarves standing around a portal. Clicking on this portal will
bring you to Brell’s Bar, the finest establishment this side of limbo.

Snoogle has a problem and needs you to gather a few things for him. What’s
unusual about the gathering is…you have to be intoxicated to do it. WAIT! I
didn’t mean go grab 4 beers out of the fridge! Snoogle will give you something
to use to liquor you right up. These can be done in any order by the way.

The first object lies in the savanna, and follows its own kind though it is
much smaller in size. What you are looking for is a pink elephant and it can be
found in the Commonlands near the other elephants. I found mine around 435,
-326. Harvest the elephant, as odd as that sounds and move on.

The second object flies in the sky above its home, and even the dead around
cannot help but laugh when it oinks. Head to Thundemist Village in Thunderring
Steppes. Inside the barn (say hello to Betsy you probably tipped over recently
or last year) you’ll find a pig around 560, -142.

The third object is small and fast and has a tail, and was last seen on the
beach by a jungle sunning its scales. This one should be a no brainer, because
we only have on jungle in EQ2 that I know of. Good old Feerott. As you walk off
the docks you should see a lizard toy near the tunnel entrance.

The fourth item talks to you and should not. It is good with brew and corned
beef, and grows in a very enchanted place. Time to head to the Enchanted Lands.
As you leave the docks, you’ll look around the trees nearby for some “strange
cabbage.” My cabbage told me to rob a liquor store, so I’d advise you not to
listen to yours.

Guess what? You’re done with the hard part. Now just head back to Snoogle’s,
convince him to take all 4 pieces. You’ll be rewarded with some nice experience
(I got 12% AP at level 70) and a flying party keg for your room. The keg you
just have to see for yourself.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016