The ruined and abandoned city of Shattrath that we saw in the Burning Crusade comes alive again in Warlords of Draenor. This Draenei city is functioning, full of life, and positively bustling with activity. However, things aren't all sunshine and roses in the Shattrath of the past. The defenders of the city, the Sha'tari Defense have been betrayed from within.

Now, this factions primary purpose is to regain control of their beloved city. To aid them in their efforts, the Sha'tari Defense faction is willing to entertain heroes from the Alliance willing to help with their cause. With the city of Shattrath in turmoil, there is no time to waste. Shattrath must be restored to the rightful defenders!

Accessing the Sha'tari Defense

This Alliance only faction, unlike most other factions in Warlords, is not immediately accessible to players. Instead, it is linked directly with the players Garrison. Thus, players will access this faction at different points in the game and could be potentially overlooked or even skipped entirely.

To access this faction, players must build a Trading Post Level 1 inside their Garrison. Then this Trading Post must be upgraded to Level 2. When the Trading Post Level 2 is in place, this faction will automatically become available to players. When this happens and only after this happens, the player may start earning reputation with the Sha'tari Defense.

Earning Reputation – Sha'tari Defense

As with other reputations in Warlords of Draenor, earning reputation with the Sha'tari Defense faction is fairly simple. In fact, this may be the simplest one yet! There are absolutely no quests associated with this faction. None. Nada. No daily quests, no regular quests, no quest of any kind.

To earn reputation with this faction players will instead kill mobs in the Shattrath region. Sounds easy right? It is! Mobs in the city, harbor, and in and around Bladefury Hold will reward reputation for the Sha'tari Defense. While killing mobs is a grind, it does mean that you are totally in charge of how fast your earn reputation. You can kill as many or as few mobs as you like.

Remember, to earn reputation you must unlock this faction by building a Trading Post Level 2 in your Garrison. Any of these mobs killed before it is unlocked will result in your character earning no reputation. Be sure to complete this task so you don't waste any time in earning reputation with this Alliance-exclusive faction!

Rewards – Sha'tari Defense

As you earn reputation with the Sha'tari Defense you will probably expect to be rewarded. Of course this faction is more than willing to provide their wares for sale for the Alliance player who earns their favor. The more reputation you earn, the better the rewards available for purchase.

Rewards for the Sha'tari Defense may be purchased from the Quartermaster found inside your Garrison's Trading Post. Rewards may be purchased with Gold or a mixture of Gold and Apexis Crystals. Rewards for this particular faction include:


Sha'tari Elixir – Grants a chance to deal Arcane damage and increases your movement speed by 5%. Lasts 30 minutes and can only be used in Gorgrond.


Sha'tari Protector – Trinket that summons a Sha'tari Golem to fight by your side.

Soul Evacuation Crystal – Toy that shows your character being protected by demons.


Sha'tari Defense Plate – Bind on account set made for transmogrification.

Contract: Vindicator Heluun – Teaches the Garrison follower Vindicator Heluun/Cacklebone. A level 100 Holy Paladin.

Sky Fry – Green Nether Ray flying mount.

Sha'tari Defender's Medallion – Toy that transforms your character into a Sha'tari Defender.


Armored Irontusk – Ground mount.

Sha'tari Defense Tabard – Tabard.

Sha'tari Defense – Achievement awarded for reaching Exalted with the Sha'tari Defense.

Peacekeeper – Title awarded for reaching Exalted with the Sha'tari Defense.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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