With the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Shadowfang Keep is one of two low level instances that got heroic versions created for them.  In the heroic version of Shadowfang Keep instance there are three achievements to complete.  They are: Pardon Denied, “To the Ground!”, and Bullet Time.

Pardon Denied

Difficulty: Medium

To earn this achievement you must interrupt the Baron’s Stay of Execution AOE heal each and every time he casts it.  He casts this immediately after he Asphyxiates the group dropping everyone down to almost no health. This is cast several times in the fight and you must be ready for it.

Normally you would let Stay of Execution tick a few times so that it is easier on the healer.  Here though, someone must interrupt it before it ticks, and the healer needs to be fast enough to get anyone up before Baron Ashbury uses any of his abilities and kills someone.

If you have someone else in the group that can help out by casting a fast AOE heal right after the Asphyxiate it can help the main healer immensely.  This achievement can be hard if you are just starting in heroics, but once the healer has enough gear, and the DPS is at a high level, it becomes quite simple. 

When going for this achievement it is critical to interrupt Stay of Execution, obviously.  However, it is also important to interrupt Mend Rotting Flesh as it heals the Baron for 10% and prolongs the fight, and to interrupt Pain and Suffering if at all possible as it is a lot for the healer to heal through.  Therefore multiple interrupters can make this much simpler, as only one person interrupting will not be able to catch everything.

To the Ground!

Difficulty: Medium

This achievement is difficult for most groups simply because the boss in general is difficult for most groups.  The trick here is to have two tanks, it makes the fight far simpler.

The adds are the ones that grant Unholy Empowerment to the Commander, but to cast it on him requires line of sight to him.  Therefore one tank should pull the boss out of the room and into the hall you just entered from. The other tank grabs threat on the adds that are with the boss and tanks them just inside the room by the doorway.

With DPS and the boss tank down the hall beating on the commander, they simply focus on burning him down as fast as they can.  The add tank holds the first two adds, and the adds that spawn from each doorway every 30-40 seconds, burning cooldowns to minimize damage taken.

The healer floats back and forth in the short hallway connecting the room and long hall healing as required.  If the boss and adds are placed perfectly the healer doesn’t even have to move to heal both the boss and add tank.

Once the boss is down, you will earn the achievement.

Bullet Time

Difficulty: Easy

This is a rather easy achievement to earn as long as you do not kill Lord Godfrey too quickly.  All you need to do is have the tank hold him at the base of the stairs that the boss comes down. Ranged and healers stay up the stairs that you enter the room from for the fight.

When ghouls are summoned, any melee DPS moves up the stairs and range DPS should aggro the adds.  They will then make their way towards the healer and ranged DPS passing through Lord Godfrey’s Pistol Barrage attack. Doing this should get most of the ghouls each time, and keep damage to the group to a minimum. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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