The Shaman

What most people don't know is the word "shaman" is derived from the Tungas language of Siberia. It is a generic term for healers and spiritual leaders in tribal societies. Traditional in MMOs shaman are the primary healers of the group when a cleric isn't present. They harness the powers of nature to mend the wounds of their hunting party.

Shamans are also great at buffing. They call upon Mother Nature's to cast protective auras around group members enhancing the attacks and defense capabilities. One aspect of real life shaman not yet exploited enough in MMO's is that shaman traditionally induced trance states through drums, dancing, and virtually any means by which one might achieve an altered state of consciousness. While in such a trance, the shaman crosses over into other worlds to learn the cause of illnesses, see into the future or communicate with the dead.

Currently little is know about Shamans in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes other then they belong to the healer class with blood mage, clerics and disciples. Will the developer's take these real life traditions into account? Time will tell and as soon as there is more information, you'll see it here!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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