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The Basics

Totems are the primary tools of the Shaman class. They are used both offensively, defensivly, and as support. They are objects placed in the ground that do something in an area of effect around the object. They are immobile and possess extremely unique and powerful magic.

Each totem is obtained through various quests. Each one also has a special element that they follow:

Earth: Earth totems are nature based and generally do nature based damage (elemental). Earth totems act mostly as support.
Fire: Fire totems are fire based. This means they generally do Fire based damage. Fire totems act mostly as offense.
Water: Water totems are both Nature and Frost based. They generally do Nature and/or Frost based damage (elemental). Water totems mostly restore health/mana and do other healing type traits.
Air: Air totems are Nature based. They generally do Nature based damage (elemental). The Air totem is mostly a support totem line.

Totems are very weak (easily destroyed, but a lot of PvE based enemies won’t bother with them) as they usually only have 5 HP (some totems do have more). There can only be one totem of each element out at once. This means that there can only be a total of four totems out, each with a different element (Earth/Fire/Water/Air).

The effect of a totem is only around a certain radius around where the totem is placed. Some totems affect everything inside of that radius while others will only effect a set number of allies/enemies.

Using Totems:

Shamans first use the spell to summon the totem and the totem is then placed where they are standing. Its effect begins right away. The totem remains a set amount of time unless it is destroyed (easily from one or two melee attacks).

Totem Tactics/List

The following is a list of totems with helpful tips and tactics to get the most out of them. It's really good reading for any Shaman!

Earth Totems

Earthbind Totem: Does an AoE debuff that snares enemies (slows their movement) by 50%. It is best used against large numbers of enemies or as a way to escape. If a single enemy is involved it may be best just to Frost Shock and use the Earthbind Totem as emergency tool.

  • Duration: 45 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 15 Seconds
  • Radius: 15 Yards.
  • Obtained: Level Six
  • Ranks: 1 – Level(s) 6

Stoneskin Totem: Does an AoE buff to nearby allies that reduces melee damage by 4-43. It is best used against enemies that deal very little damage and come in large groups. It will not negate damage below 1 HP, but say an enemy normally would do 30 damage a hit. It now does 1 damage. That’s a major improvement. There are better defensive totems, but it has some uses.

  • Duration: 2 Minutes
  • Cooldown: Global
  • Radius: 20 Yards
  • Ranks: 8 – Level(s) 4,14,24,34,44,54,63,70 Each rank increases amount of melee damage negated

Stoneclaw Totem: Taunts enemies to attack the totem who then have a 50% chance to be stunned while attacking the totem (diminishing returns are in effect). The totem has more then 5hp (65-1315 based on rank) but is still very weak. It does attract the aggro of enemy pets which means that it can pull pets off of you in PvP. It’s also a good combo with certain attack totems to keep them alive longer.

The actual taunt is very weak and has limited usefulness. It also has a diminishing return timer with War Stomp, Kidney Shot, etc. This means it can be harmful in certain situations. It is truly best used when something adds and you don’t want to immediately deal with it.

  • Duration: 15 seconds
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Radius: 8 Yards
  • Ranks: 7 – Level(s) 8,18,28,38,48,58,67 each rank increasing the HP

Strength of Earth Totem: Increases the strength of anyone within your party in its radius. Gives 10 – 86 Strength. Rogues, Warriors, and anyone doing melee based on Strength LOVE this totem. Outside of that not very useful.

  • Duration: 2 Minutes
  • Cooldown: Global
  • Radius: 20 Yards
  • Ranks: 6 – Level(s) 10, 24,38,52,60,65 each rank increasing the amount of strength

Tremor Totem: Removes Fear, Charm, Mind Control, and Sleep effects from party members within 30 yards. The Tremor Totem is great inside of both normal and raid instances and has a lot of uses in PvP. It pulses every 5 seconds.

The Tremor Totem and Grounding Totem both share nearly the same purpose. However the Tremor Totem will remove all 4 things at the same time (Mind Control is a Charm). Grounding will only remove one every 10 seconds. They both can be up at the same time though, so knowing which to use and how to mix it up is important.

  • Duration: 2 Minutes
  • Cooldown: Global
  • Radius: 20 Yards
  • Ranks: 1 – Level(s) 18 only one rank

Earth Elemental Totem: Summons an Earth Elemental who stays about for 2 minutes. The Earth Elemental uses an AoE Taunt, is very hearty, and makes a very excellent tank. They are immune to Nature spells. They are however weak against elite enemies (they don’t last long) and can aggro things that you don’t want aggro. Generally considered an “oh no” button more then anything else. Be careful in instances, they will aggro enemies like a Searing Totem would. If it begins to move somewhere undesired, cast another Earth Totem, like the Tremor Totem. Elemental is destroyed is the totem is destroyed.

  • Duration: 2 Minutes
  • Cooldown: 20 Minutes, adds a 2 minute cooldown to Fire Elemental Totem
  • Ranks: 1 – Level(s) 66

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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