As more of the Shattered Sun Offensive's efforts progress, you will finally be able to peruse some of the Armory, unlocking 3 more Quest-givers as well as a few more interesting NPC's. In this guide, we will go over the newly-unlocked Quests for Phase 3, as well as what you need to do in order to get items from the new vendors!


New Quests will pop up in the armory, which is the 2-story building right infront of the Sanctum where you receive the bombing, readings, and demon-killing quests for Phase 2. You need only travel east a bit and you will be in the new questgiver area.

Quest #1 - Making Ready

Smith Hauthaa at ground level will ask of you to retrieve some ore for her to build an anvil with - this NPC is essential to keep in mind, since later on she will build an anvil and be your new heroic badge vendor for the latest items. For now, she asks us to retrieve 3 Darkspine Iron Ores from the Naga at the Greengill Coast. It is ideal that you combine this trip with the Knowing Your Ley Lines Quest since you will be heading down there anyway.

You will need to obtain 3 chest keys from the Naga, then use them on the nearby coffers in order to retrieve your ore samples for Smith Hauthaa.

It is important to know that only Darkspine Myrmidons (the warrior-type Naga) will drop the chest keys, and the droprate is not as good as it could be, so expect to spend anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes doing this Quest. Once you've obtained the keys, simply use them on the chests nearby. Don't mind the Murlocs, they're level 60 and will not aggro you unless you accidentally attack them. Upon completion, this Quest will yield 250 Shattered Sun Offensive reputation and 10 gold.

Quest #2 - Taking the Harbor

Magister Ilastar in the second floor of the armory will ask of you to defeat the Dawnblade army's forces in order to gain more ground into the area - your objectives are simple: kill 6 Dawnblade Summoners, 6 Dawnblade Knights, and 3 Dawnblade Marksmen. It is best if you combine this quest also with the Knowing Your Ley Lines Quest, since many of the monsters you need to kill are near or inside the building you need for the Bloodcrystal.

There are several packs of enemy Bloodelves near the square - if you see them near the buildings, they will be knights. If you see a shooting range, it will be Marksman area, and if you see them inside the buildings they will usually be Summoners along with their Imps. If you're in this island, you can most likely take these monsters with ease.

Upon completion, you will receive 250 Shattered Sun Offensive reputation as well as 5 gold for your efforts.

Quest #3 - Intercept the Reinforcements

This is the unique quest of the phase - you will be asked to bomb the 3 boats that are incoming to reinforce Kael'thas's army by Vindicator Kalaan atop the Armory area. He will give you the Flaming Oil necessary to do so, and you will also be asked to kill 6 Dawnblade Reservists, which inhabit all 3 of the ships you will be bombing.

Head on over to Ayren Cloudbreaker, the NPC that began the Dead Scar bombing run, and you will have a new option to begin this Quest. You will be flying at sea - after a few moments, you will see the 3 ships you must bomb. This is different, you will need to bomb their sails, not their actual interior. Easily accomplished, your mount will land you in the main ship. Kill off the 6 guards you need in any of the ships (they are all nearby), and talk to the mount waiting for you in the main ship in order to fly back with your Quest complete.

You may alternatively also just swim back to the shore.

You will obtain 250 Shattered Sun Offensive reputation and 7 gold for completing this quest.

Quest #4 - The Ata'mal Armaments (Anvil Ready)

Once Smith Hauthaa has completed her Anvil, she will ask you to go to Shadowmoon Valley and kill off Shadowmoon Chosen, Slayers, and Darkweaver in its Eastern part. They will drop these armaments which you will then need to break at her forge in order to get Cleansed Ata'mal Metal. You will need 5 of these to complete this quest.

Completing this Quest nets you 350 Shattered Sun Offensive reputation, 9 gold, and new Blessed Weapon Coatings for either Casters or Melee!

New Vendors

At the very top of the Armory, new "exotic vendors" have been added, they allow for people to retrieve Gladiator, Merciless Gladiator, and Vengeful Gladiator loot as well as the Veteran and Vindicator pieces for their raid tokens. Karazhan, Gruul, and Magtheridon tokens turn-in for Gladiator, Serpentshrine, Tempest Keep turn in for Merciless Gladiator, and Black Temple/Hyjal turn-in for Vengeful Gladiator items. You may also purchase Veteran's gear (Season 2) through Badges of Honor!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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