Companions are the difference between being alive or dead in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a free-to-play game by Bioware. You could, by all intents and purposes, attempt to leverage the dark side of the force to take care of all of your enemies, but what's the point in doing that when you should save your strength for the foes that no one else can take down. This is the logic that the Sith Inquisitor uses when gathering together their team of highly skilled and, for the most part, very dark aligned companions. For the Inquisitor, focused primarily on their superb lightsaber skills, the companion can serve to help boost their damage output, provide a meaty shield, or to help heal and support. Either way, their back is covered... for now.

In this guide we'll go over just who the Sith Inquisitor's companions are, what gifts they enjoy the most, and some useful tips on when, what, and how to employ them. Leveling up a companions affection will alter their impact on the story and open up romance options at a later time.

Sith Inquisitors can only have one active companion with them, just like every other class in The Old Republic. The remainder of your companions will stay onboard your ship, presumably keeping themselves occupied with mindless busy work. Companions do not accompany players into warzones and will "desummon" if a group has more than three players as that companions count towards the cap limit of a party.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to hit ESC to leave a conversation if you’re making choices that anger your companion. If you’re willing to redo the conversation a few times, you can maximize your companion’s affection potential from that conversation.

Khem Val

Khem Val is on Korriban and is the first companion that joins your team. You can't miss him, as he's part of the very first tutorial storyline you'll undertake. He feeds on both Sith and Jedi alike and is one of my personal favorite companions, just for the comical way he approaches situations (just eat everyone). Khem Val is a very strong tank and capable of taking a lot of punishment. If you're focusing on doing DPS while you're leveling, he's for sure going to be your go to man to take care of most situations.

There are no romance options for Khem Val, but you can assume that by him not eating you, you've gained his favor.

Planet: Korriban
Armor: Heavy
Main Weapon: Vibrosword
Main Attribute: Strength
Crew Skills: +15 Artifice,+5 Research
Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Weapons
  • Love: Cultural Artifacts
  • Like: Technology, Trophies, and Imperial Memorabilia
  • Indifferent: Republic Memorabilia, Military Gear, Courting, Luxury, and Underworld Goods

Andronikos Revel

Andronikos is the second companion you will pick up and is also on of the romance options for the Sith Inquisitor. A former pirate, Andronikos was famous for raiding both the Imperials and Republic Alike. Unfortunately for him his crew mutinied and now he’s left to his own devices, but fortunately for you he's part of your team now. Yay!

Akin to the Republic Gunslinger, Revel is a long ranged damage dealer who wields dual blaster pistols. He’s a great choice for those looking to burn down enemies quickly but if your looking for survivability, look elsewhere. He's great if you're playing tank and have a healer and is honestly great for any point of the game where you feel pretty beefy and don't really need to rest a lot, since you'll burn enemies down much faster with Revel on your side.

Planet: Tatooine
Armor: Medium
Main Weapon: Dual Blaster Pistols
Main Attribute: Cunning
Crew Skills: +2 Slicing Critical, +2 Underworld Trading
Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Military Gear and Underworld Goods
  • Love: Weapons
  • Like: Luxury and Trophies
  • Indifferent: Courting, Technology, Cultural Artifacts, Republic and Imperial Memorabilia

Ashara Zavros

This former Jedi Padawan is the third member of the Sith Inquisitors entourage and is also another one of the romance options available. One of the more powerful padawans that the Jedi had, she comes from a long history of adept force users and will prove a valuable addition to the team. 

Ashara takes the role of melee DPS and shares much in common with the Jedi Sentinel, included the dual lightsabres she wields. You may want to keep her on the ship during any heavy fighting though and opt for a more powerful tank companion such as Khem Val. She also doesn't like it when you're mean or strike out against Jedi.

Planet: Taris
Armor: Medium
Main Weapon: Dual Lightsabres
Main Attribute: Strength
Crew Skills: +10 Synthweaving Efficiency, +10 Diplomacy Efficiency
Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Weapons, Military Gear, and Cultural Artifacts
  • Love: Republic Memorabilia
  • Like: Republic Memorabilia, Luxury, Technology, and Imperial Memorabilia
  • Indifferent: Courting, Trophies, and Underworld Goods

Talos Drellik

Found on Hoth, Lieutenant Drellik comprises the fourth member of your crew. A member of the Imperial Reclamation service, he prefers to serve the empire by preserving its history and relics.

The healer for the Sith Inquisitor, Drellik can make an invaluable companion for those taking the Assassin tank route.

Planet: Hoth
Armor: Medium
Main Weapon: Blaster Pistol, Vibroknife
Main Attribute: Cunning
Crew Skills: +5 Treasure Hunting Efficiency, +5 Archaeology Critical
Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Luxury, Republic and Imperial Memorabilia
  • Love:  Cultural Artifacts
  • Like: Courting and Technology
  • Indifferent: Weapons, Military Gear, Trophies and Underworld Goods


This fearsome Kaleesh warrior is the final member to join your crew. Formerly a slave of the Imperial Empire, he was brought to Korriban to train as a Sith. Combining his natural talents for fighting as a Kaleesh with his belief in the Sith code he has become an invaluable asset to the empire.

Xalek has the benefit of being able to fill the roles of both a ranged DPS and melee tank quite well. This makes him useful for those who went the Sorcerer or the Assassin route.

Planet: Voss
Armor: Ligh
Main Weapon: Double Bladed Lightsabre
Main Attribute: Willpower
Crew Skills: +10 Bioanalysis Efficiency, +2 Scavenging Critical
Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Imperial Memorabilia and Technology
  • Love: Weapons and Military Gear
  • Like: Trophies and Underworld Goods
  • Indifferent: Courting, Luxury, Technology, Cultural Artifacts, Republic and Imperial Memorabilia

Now that you have a complete guide to the Sith Inquisitor’s companions in The Old Republic, your Inquisitor will now have the knowledge to easily crush the Republic and bring victory to the Empire. Each companion has different strengths and it's up to you to decide which one to accompany you.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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