If you are brand new to Star Trek Online and just figuring out that you
can’t play a Mage per se, then this is for you. If
you’re up to speed with STO but want to see which professions
each Career offers, well hey this guide is for you too. As more and
more information solidifies through the beta process and we get closer
to launch, our time of reckoning closes in on us. There are some
choices we will all have to make when we boot up the game, (starting
with the most critical) which career are you going to choose for a
first character? If you’re like me, you’ll end up
with plenty of do-overs but there is always something special about
that first character. Today we look at the career paths and professions
available down those paths.

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The primary careers are Engineering, Science and Tactical. Before we
move through them, which one did James T. Kirk pick? (Answers at the

style="font-weight: bold;">Engineering Officer

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The Engineering profession is most closely associated with tanking,
being able to survive both on the ground and in space. Engineers are
also commonly associated with hotdogs due to the standard issue mustard
uniforms worn by Starfleet officers who follow this career path.

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style="font-weight: bold;">Profession Options

The primary professions revolve around making things stronger, whether
that is armor, shields or modifying weaponry including drones. The
engineers will be in the thick of the battle keeping the focus of the
enemies while supporting his group. Part gadgeteer, part lug wrench,
Engineering promises to have lots of different options

style="font-weight: bold;">Science Officer

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style="font-style: italic;">Official Description of
Science Officer

The Science Officer is the support class overall. It excels in
disrupting enemy attacks and strengths while patching up comrades in
arms through healing.

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Similar to our standards, scientists can go a couple of different
directions with their profession, mostly divided between practical
applications and theory. For those wanting to go hands-on, scientists
can go into more of a true healing role (Doctor) or a true scientist
(disruptive technologies). The researcher straddles the line between
aiding those around him/her and using special skills to disorient the

style="font-weight: bold;">Tactical Officer

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style="font-style: italic;">Official Description of
Tactical Officer

The true damage dealer of the bunch, Tactical Officers focus their
attention on the different ways to knock out enemies. Whether
it’s toe to toe with guns blazing, or sneak attacks, the
Tactical Officer will be looking for ways to dish out more damage.

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A Tactical Officer’s damage won’t all be up close
and personal. Depending on which profession is chosen, a tactical
officer may be melee-centric by going Special Forces but could also be
stealthy through the Security option. The third option is Soldier
specializing in grenades, tactical advantages and helping team members.

to follow…

The skill trees have changed a few times over the last month, so
don’t take these specific skills as gospel, but the overall
dynamics of the class should coincide with what we see in the game now.
The intent is for significant specialization through careers and
professions while keeping the game accessible through gear and
enhancements. Keep watching for updates as more information becomes
available, as well as more in-depth guides for each individual career

And James T. Kirk was the most famous of all Engineers, right? Speaking
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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016