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World Bosses are large raid level bosses that can be found on various planets in the Old Republic Galaxy. In most cases these bosses will require a full raid party, but that extra bit of effort will yield a rewarding challenge, a nice bit of loot, and a codex entry. Once a world boss has been taken down there is a reset timer, usually somewhere in the range of 2-3 hours but it will vary slightly between each. All bosses also have a “Terrifying” buff that will incapacitate any companions when the encounter is initiated.

The First

Planet: Dromund Kaas
Coordinates: (220, 1600)
Level: 18

The First can be found stalking the Heroic area at the coordinates listed above. He’s a standard tank and spank fight but does enter an enraged state at around 20% and will deal a good amount of damage. One of the easier world bosses.


Planet: Coruscant
Coordinates: (2500, 1000)
Level: 18

SD-0 is the Republic equivalent of The First but has a few additional mechanics that make him more of a challenge. First off is his stackable debuff that he will be placing on the tank, every stack increasing their damage taken by 5%. This makes having an offtank for this fight highly advisable if not necessary. When the stack start adding up, switch out the tanks and let the debuffs wear off before switching back again.

Like The First, SD also has an enrage but it comes after 8 minutes and not at a specific health threshold. Be sure to have a good amount of DPS to finish him off before he has a chance to enrage.

Subject Alpha

Planet: Taris
Coordinates: (-460, 720)
Level: 21

This fight demands that your group has at least two tanks as periodically Subject Alpha will toss the tank high into the air, resetting the aggro table each time he does this. Having a second tank at the ready will ensure a quick pick up if the main tank gets tossed to far or is killed as a result. When the offtank is thrown the maintank should be ready to swoop back in; continue this process throughout the fight.

The second ability to be aware of is the AoE gas attack that will be periodically be placed on a random member of the raid. Keep the group spread out to avoid any damage to anyone near the affected player.


Planet: Balmorra
Coordinates: (-1920, 1325)
Level: 22

Another boss equipped with an enrage timer, this time you will have 10 minutes before Grandfather will go berserk and kill off the entire raid. For this reason ensure you have a good number of decently equipped DPS for this fight.

For the duration of the fight all members of the party, with the exception of the tank, should attempt to stay behind or beside Grandfather as he will constantly be performing a swipe style frontal attack. In addition to this he also performs a stomp style AoE that damages anyone within melee range for a good chuck of damage. Any melee DPS should clump together so healers can use AoE heals to greater effect when these attacks occur. Ranged should keep as far away as possible.


Planet: Tatooine
Coordinates: (1773, -868)
Level:  30

Select the interesting skull in the Desert to start this encounter. Like most of the other world bosses, having at least two tanks handy is a good idea as they will be getting pummeled with high amounts of damage. Trapjaw does an especially high amount of damage to those around the specified level (30) so a good number of healers (at least 4) is a must as well.

This fight is a standard tank and spank with one ability that you must be attentive to. Every so often Trapjaw will hit a random party member for a high amount of damage and a 2 second stun. Anyone caught within 10m of the attacked will also be affected, so have the group spread out as much as possible. Stay spread out, keep the tank healed and Trapjaw should be cake.

Battledroid R4-GL

Planet: Nar Shaddaa
Coordinates (2050, 2825)
Level: 32

This guy has two tricky abilities that can make this fight a bit of a challenge. The first of which is Repeater Cannon, a powerful channeled attack that should be interrupted at all costs as it lays a massive beating on your tank. After R4 gets down to 50% you will no longer be able to interrupt it so DPS and healers be ready to kick it into overdrive.

Next up is Incendiary Cannon which places a healing debuff on the affected player and a DoT. It will not target the tank, only random players from the rest of the raid. Healers be sure to keep an eye on those affected.

Speed is the key in this fight; burn him down before your healers become overwhelmed.

Ulgo Siegebreaker

Planet: Alderaan
Coordinates: (300, -250)
Level: 35

This guy is an AoE heavy boss that can be dealt with fairly easily so long as your tank keeps him turned away from the group and the rest of the group stays spread out and behind Ulgo. The three abilities to be on the lookout for are Plasma Pulse, Fusion Missile, and Bombardment.  Plasma pulse targets the player with the second highest amount of aggro with a blast from his two lasers. It can be interrupted, and should be when possible. Fusion Missile will hit any party member within the immediate area, but can also be interrupted. Bombardment will appear as a red reticule on an area of the ground which will shortly after be bombarded with bombs. Avoid the reticule and avoid the bombs.

Rogue Cartel Warbot:

Planet: Quesh
Coordinates: (300, 220)
Level: 38

This adorable little fellow leans more towards easy than the previous world bosses. There are two mechanics to look out for, Experimental Explosives, and Lightning. When Warbot uses his Experimental Explosives he will throw a sort of sticky grenade at a random member of the raid. In addition to the damage it does to the targeted player it will also hit any nearby friendlies with a moderate amount of AoE damage. Keep the group spread out to minimize its effects.

The second ability is Warbot’s Lightning attack. When it’s on the way reticules will appear on the ground where the lightning will come down so move away from them as quickly as possible. Avoid the AoE and this fight is a breeze.

The Ancient One

Planet: Taris
Coordinates: (-820, -725)
Level: 38

The Ancient Ones bit hit attack is a large shockwave that also has a powerful knockback effect. It can be interrupted so be sure to have someone assigned to do so. Other than that be ready to take out the adds that will spawn at roughly every 10% of health that is taken off of the Ancient One. They are only normal strength MoBs but tend to swarm the healers first who can be overwhelmed.


Planet: Hoth
Coordinates: (400, 1150)
Level: 44

Snowblind patrols a fairly heavily populated heroic area so have your group clear out any MoBs that may get in the way during the fight. During the fight only the tank/tanks should be positioned in front of Snowblind as his primary attack is a cleave that sweeps the area in front of him with a heavy hitting AoE attack. DPS and healers should be sure to stay behind him to avoid unnecessary damage. The second mechanic to watch out for is the Whiteout. Every so often Snowblind will call in a snowstorm of sorts that will slowly tick away at the entire raids health and cannot be avoided. Take some stress off of your healers by having a designated grouping spot where the raid gathers during these storms so that AoE heals can be used to great effect.

Snowblind also has a timed enrage which will increase his damage exponentially so make sure your group is outfitted with some numerous high quality DPS before heading in.


Planet: Hoth
Coordinates: (-2225, 500)
Level: 49

A difficult fight not because of numerous mechanics, but because of the one powerful one he uses over and over. Gargath’s sole ability is Earthquake that will damage anyone caught within them. You will know one is coming when it is broadcast “Gargath is expanding his focus beyond his main target.” The tank should then move Gargath away from the earthquake while the rest of the party avoids it. Continue doing this for the duration of the fight and Gargath will be yours.

The Primal Destroyer

Planet: Belsavis
Coordinates: (-450, -3450)
Level: 50

The Primal Destroyer is the biggest DPS race of the bunch due to three MoBs he will spawn after losing approximately 10% health. Out of the three MoBs one will reduce the healing effectiveness of the raid, one will deal AoE damage, and the last one will regenerate health. All three of these should be kited away from the main group and the Primal by an offtank for the duration of the fight. Finish off the main boss and focus on the three adds after for a speedy victory.

Nightmare Pilgrim

Planet: Voss
Coordinates: (0, 1300)
Level: 50

The first item of business to take care of when confronting the Nightmare Pilgrim is to ensure that your entire group is outfitted with Alpha Wave Inhibitors. You can pick one up from the Daily Commendations Vendor for 30 comms, or have an Artifice/Armstech craft you one. When consumed they will protect you from the Pilgrims powerful AoE attacks that would take you out with one hit without one.

The fight is started by selecting the glowing blue tablet located at the coordinates above. When it is activated the Pilgrim and his Pet (massive dog) will spawn just to the north and south of the stone. It’s at this point that two tanks should engage the Dog and one take control of the Pilgrim. All DPS should target the DOG until he’s been dealt with.

Two tanks on the Dog are necessary due to his powerful swipe attack gore, and the debuff he places on the tank that makes gore even more deadly. Gore can be interrupted and has a one second cast time so make sure to have a few people assigned to interrupt. Whenever one of the two tanks on the dog receives the debuff, have the other step in until it wears off. The Dog’s second attack is a single target AoE that does a decent amount of damage.

The tank controlling the Pilgrim should have him turned away from the rest of the group to avoid them getting hit by his frontal cone AoE attack. It doesn’t do as much damage as gore, but can still take a healthy chunk out of the tank (healers be ready). The Pilgrims second attack is a multi-target AoE that appears as reticules scattered on the ground. Avoid the reticules to avoid taking the hit.

The next big mechanic to watch for is when Pilgrim performs his large knockback, locks himself down in a reflective shield, and places a Blood Mark debuff one several random players. At this point anyone who has been affected by Blood Mark should switch DPS to Pilgrim when his shield drops (as hitting the Dog would result in instant death) and those without should continue attacking the Dog. When Blood Mark has run its course those affected can switch back to the dog.

Once the Dog has been downed everyone should quickly switch to the Pilgrim to avoid hitting the enrage timer (about 6:30 mins).

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