You'd think with a reputation like Jim Raynor's, you'd get the best in the galaxy to fight for you by default. Such is not the case though, for the best of each unit in the land command a hefty price. With an instant build time and huge bonuses compared to their normal version though, buying the right mercenaries will give you a major edge in the campaign and enable you to breeze through otherwise hairy situations. We break down who is worth your hard earned credits in our StarCraft II - Campaign Mercenary Guide!

Siege Tanks already do a ton of damage and are your staple defensive units of the campaign, but +66% damage on top of that? These will murder everything that comes near them while in siege mode. The cost isn’t even that bad—you are paying 100 more minerals, but 50 less gas compared to two Siege Tanks alone. A hefty cooldown is in place for a reason, so make sure you use these defensively and keep them alive at all costs, as they’ll keep you much safer than any other mercenary will. These are a no brainer, buy them immediately!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016