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So you managed to help Raynor
escape death yet again in the face of a massive Zerg
invasion by completing the href="">Mar
Sara missions.
Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for
Kerrigan, who has resurfaced in the wake of a massive Zerg assault on
the fringe worlds. Raynor and his boys aren’t up to
taking on a Zerg force that has taken multiple worlds with only one
flagship, so it’s time to earn some money. This is
the first point in the single player campaign of href="">StarCraft

where you get to split up and take on different

For Part Two of our complete StarCraft
Wings of Liberty
walkthrough, we’ll start with the "Colonist" missions. The
first of these, "The Evacuation" will
introduce our old pyrotechnic buddies, Firebats. 


    protect the colonist Convoys from the attacking Zerg.

    100,000 Credits


    1. The
      Evacuation [15]

      - Complete all objectives in the mission.
    2. Handle
      with Care [10]

      - Complete the mission on Normal difficulty without losing a Transport
    3. Sacrifice
      Nothing [10]

      - Complete the mission on Hard difficulty without losing or salvaging a
    4. Meta:
      Colonist Mastery [20]

      - Complete all the Colonist mission achievements.


So the doc wants you to be her
muscle, eh? Take
your initial Firebats and Medics and cruise westward. Note
the resource crates to the north of the road and pick them
up. Once you reach the base, you’ll receive control
of the structures and you’ll be underway. But before we go
much further, let’s look at your Firebats.

  • Firebats
    - 100 HP, 1 Armor, 8
    damage (12 vs. Light). Honestly, this is not an impressive unit due
    to their attack animation start-up. They have to point their
    flamethrowers for a second before they begin lighting a target
    up. This doesn’t work very well when units die as fast as
    they do. For examples, zerglings barely get started on before a Firebat
    to move to another target. That said, this is probably one of the worst
    Terran units overall.

Get your base up and running
like usual. Load up on SCVs and
start mining gas when you can. Most importantly, get your
Engineering Bay up and start upgrading. The first convoy will
be moving out soon, and you have to be ready for it!

I had 4 marines in addition to
my starting forces for the first
convoy. The convoy drives slowly, has a few Marines with it,
and has a mounted gun on the transport. This is a double edged sword
since the Convoy will be considered a priority target for the
AI. As you move along, a bunker will be revealed atop a
ramp. Build some Marines and set the rally point to this
bunker to get it manned ASAP, and don’t forget to keep making
SCVs during this first escort.

Along the way you’ll
see Resource Crates. Pick them
up to spur your initial growth and stay with the convoy. The
moment a threat is eliminated, get back in front of the
convoy. You need to make sure that you’re the
target and not the APC. Near the end, you’ll see
another Bunker under attack and a Chrysalis. Save the bunker
at all costs if you’re going for the achievement, then go for
the Chrysalis like you would a resource crate after you dispose
of the guards. Once the APC is heading up the ramp, you can
start moving back to base.

Multiple Barracks should be put
up next, once your SCV count is
good. Make sure you’re picking up level 1 weapons
and armor as well, since the Zerg will be using that and you
can’t afford to give them an advantage on this mission. Pound
out the units, and get ready for the second convoy. The
second Convoy is more or less the same, with a few extra units here and
there. Escort it and watch out at the
end - a pack of Zerglings will approach from behind as it goes
up the ramp.

alt="StarCraft II Evacuation"

little double bunker action on the road intersections will save you a
lot of grief when going for the achievements.

This time, on your way back you
should take a side path.
About halfway up the road, there was a route from the east that Zerg
would attack from. You'll want to take it now. It branches again, so
the south path. You’ll see a Chrysalis on a farm
lightly guarded, and then past that, a larger farm more heavily guarded
containing several resource crates. Clear this out, and then
march back to base to prep for the third Convoy.

The third convoy is fairly
uneventful, with a few attacks from behind
coming about halfway through. Escort it like normal, and on
the way back this time, take the ramp down near the first
bunker. To the west from there you’ll see more
resource crates and another Chrysalis. That’s 3 for 3, and
you’re done with your research
bonus objective.

The fourth is when things get a
little dicey as reinforcements for the
Zerg will be launched into the fray all over the place around the
Convoy. Escort it very closely to ensure it is protected
from the front and back at all times. At this point, I got
brave and went to the northwest base on the way back.
It’s not worth it, as they have Banelings and
Ultralisks which are two very dangerous things for an infantry mob,
especially without Marauders.

Keep your production cranking
and the final convoy will move out, and
you’ll get notice of burrowing Zerg. Nydus Worms
will spawn along the path and crank out extra units. They
don’t pump out that many, so don’t feel obligated
to drop what you’re doing and immediately take them out like
you would in Multiplayer. If you get distracted by those long
enough, a couple Zerg might get ahead of you and take out the APC and
civilians in short order, and you can’t have that!

Once the final APC reaches the
starport intact, you’re done
and the achievement for no deaths is complete. If you parked
some SCVs next to the bunkers and built an extra one to reinforce them,
you’ll pick up the other achievement no problem. A
breeze compared to href="">Zero


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With so many infantry under
your command at this point, you’d
think you were playing Company
of Heroes
. It’s time
to get some more specialized units in the field, and make some more
money. The life of Raynor certainly isn’t getting
any easier with these missions, however...


    Probably the most original mission so far, Outbreak has you dealing
    with a massive wave of Infested
    at night, and clearing out the town during the day.

    110,000 Credits


    1. Outbreak

      - Complete all mission objectives.
    2. 28 Minutes Later [10]
      - Complete the mission on Normal difficulty before the 5th night.
    3. Army of Darkness [10]
      - Destroy 15 Infested structures at nighttime on Hard difficulty.
    4. Meta: Colonist Mastery

      - Complete all the Colonist mission achievements.


There are a LOT of structures
out there (over one hundred!) but you
have a lot of things going for you this mission:

  1. You have two gas geysers for
    first time to fuel your economy.

  2. You have a viable expansion

  3. Hellions dominate this
    map. Everything is Light armor including the infested

  • Hellions
    - 100 HP, unarmored
    buggies that incinerate everything in a line. This unit does fantastic
    damage to light units and can kite anything around that isn’t
    a Zergling with speed upgrade.

Start by getting your economy
up to speed. Defenses
aren’t important for the first night, so don’t feel
obligated to run out and build Bunkers immediately. You start off with
two Barracks, and that’s plenty to be
honest. Get your upgrades
underway and start creating a lot
of Supply Depots for the point you can call in Mercenaries.

The first night is just a horde
of melee zombies. Position
your Firebats next to each other at each entrance, and put them on
Position". Position your Medics behind them, and other
infantry behind those, and you’ll clean up without having to
do a thing. The important thing here is to get your economy
up 100% during this easy night, and get everything else underway for
the real threats.

At daybreak, immediately send
both packs of
infantry in a separate direction on an attack move and start clearing
the city out. The moment your Factory is dropped in, add a
Reactor and crank out Hellions like they’re going out of
style. Rally all combat units to the city and kill everything
in sight. Put up two or three bunkers at each entrance and
build Marines to fill them. Retreat at the 30 second
mark. Purchase all of the available Mercenary units and
infantry upgrades that are available if you haven’t already.

Nightfall, round 2! Infested
Marines are out now, and
that’s why you’re not relying on Firebats to
provide your full defense this time around. I would advise
against putting your Firebats in bunkers, or even in front of bunkers
and simply rely on your ranged firepower to bring down the advancing
hordes. Keep an SCV on hand to repair the bunker lines, and
you may need to tell your bunkers to focus fire on the Marines if too
many pile up. They CAN bring down your bunkers if
you’re not paying attention.

Once daytime rolls around, you
need to roll out. Unload your bunkers and start clearing
again in each direction. This time, start putting up bunkers
at the southwest destructible rocks.

Purchase another round of
mercenaries and retreat again at the 30
second mark. Be sure to load up the bunkers before the horde comes
once more. At this point, they’ve got armor and
weapon upgrades so yours better be done as well. Remember to
have an SCV ready to repair at the southwestern entrance. Do not stop
building Hellions, and start building

href=""> alt="StarCraft II Outbreak"

you get enough of a force out and/or have taken enough of the infested
out in a sector, you can take the fight to them at night!

The third daybreak is the big
one for you. Unload and start
clearing the city again, sending your Marauders down the right
side. Your goal is to hit the Spine Crawlers in the area with
these Marauders while your Hellions and Firebats clean up the buildings
around them, since they don’t fare nearly as well.
You should be able to clear out a good third of the city on this
day. If you do anything, make certain the areas around the
Infestors are clear at about 8 and 2 oclock, respectively.

Retreat at the 30 second mark,
but keep a pack of Hellions in the field
at one of the infestor locations, and 2 Marauders and a Medic at the
other is plenty. Take out the Infestors to finish that bonus
objective and pick up your Zerg research for the mission.
Starting on this 3rd night, the abominations of the Zerg will lumber
forward. They’re light-armor, so if you see one
coming, sick your Hellion pack on it and it’ll be charred in
no time. This wave
shouldn’t be a threat at all now that you know
what’s coming.

On the fourth day you should be
able to finish the job, but if not,
remember you can expand to the top right. They
don’t hit it very often if at all, so one bunker should be
able to keep your SCVs safe.

The fourth night is no
different than the third, but with the number of
infested structures drastically reduced, the army might not even be
needed at the top left defense point. If you’re
going for the achievement to smash 15 buildings at night, this is a
good night to take the fight to them. You have a ton of
forces at this point and only two defense points instead of three. Have
your Firebats and Marauders take on the structures while your Hellions
cull the mob with their long range flamethrowers. All in all,
a pretty easy set of achievements!

The Evacuation | Next
Safe Haven

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At this point you'll need to
make a choice, and whether you choose to
side with the doctor or not decides your fate so choose carefully. Ask
yourself : WWRD, What Would Raynor Do? If you opt to side with the
doctor, your next mission will be Safe Haven found below. If you've
instead sided with the Protoss your next mission will be Haven's Fall
found on the next page of the Colonist mission walkthroughs.


you sided with the doctor)


    1. Destroy the 3 Nexuses
      that power the
      Purifier’s Shields
    2. Destroy
      the Purifier
    3. Destroy each of the
      three Terror Fleets
      that show up

    - 125,000 Credits, 3 Zerg Research


    1. Safe

      - Complete all mission objectives.
    2. You Shall Not Pass [10]
      - Save 3 Colonist Outposts on Normal difficulty.
    3. My Precious! [10]
      - Save 2 Colonist Outposts on Hard Difficulty.
    4. Meta: Colonist Mastery

      - Complete all the Colonist mission achievements.


As you'll see above, for once
you have an achievement that is actually more
forgiving on Hard than it is on Normal! The Purifier will
float ominously across the map and incinerate villages it comes
across. Your goal is to kill it before it reaches your
base, but you can’t touch it until you take out the trio of
Nexus that power its shields. Each one is well defended, but
has a vulnerability you can exploit with Vikings.

Get your economy up to speed
ASAP, and note that you have 3 gas geysers here as
well. Only two should be necessary unless you’re
going for some crazy gas-heavy strategy. Open up
with two bunkers at each entrance quickly, or you can wedge 3
in-between to cover it all. Send your three starting Vikings
east to start pounding at the air unit surrounding the Nexus.

There are only a few Phoenix to
stop you here, but the real threat
stopping you from taking the Nexus out are the Warp Prisms.
They can spot you on high cliffs and power the Photon Cannons
below. As such, it's best to circle the area and take them all
out. Once they’re all dead, you can land on the
ledge to the southeast of the Nexus and kill it with impunity since no
Protoss unit has sight of you on the high ground. Retreat and
repair, and during all of this attack, build an Armory and Reactor on
your Starport, then start cranking out Vikings and upgrades for

Once you’re repaired
and ready to go for another one, the
Purifier will likely dispatch the first Terror Fleet.
It’s two Carriers which are fodder for your Vikings if you
have 7 or more at this point. Go to town on them and the
Colonists will reward you with a few piles of Gas and Minerals to fuel
further production. Time to go after the 2nd Nexus.

The second Nexus has a
vulnerable ledge to the northwest.
This time it’s spotted for by Warp Prisms and
Colossi. Take all of those out in the area, then land and
fire on the Nexus just like you did before. Again, make sure
you’re upgrading and pumping Vikings this whole time, as the
last Nexus is not an easy one.

Retreat and repair, and get
ready for the second Terror Fleet, which
consists of a pair of Void Rays and 2 Carriers. The Void Rays
are by far the bigger threat, so focus them down in one or two volleys
each before you focus on the Carriers.

href=""> alt="StarCraft II Safe Haven"

Purifier will not move to attack you. It only moves to settlements, and
will not hit you unless you move in range (like I did here).

The final nexus requires more
finesse than the previous two. Circle the area taking
out Warp Prisms, but dodge the Archons at all costs.
There’s also a High Templar to the east of the Nexus that
loves to Psi Storm you when you least expect it, so try and bait it out
a few times to run him out of energy. Once all of the Warp
Prisms are down, land far to the east and storm in on the ground like
normal. So long as you have at least 10-15 Vikings, Archons
won’t be a threat at all. Take out the Nexus and
retreat and repair for the final battle.

If you’re on Normal
difficulty, you should be able to go for the
Purifier and take it out before it hits the third settlement and
unleashes the third Terror fleet. If you’re on
Hard, you’ll have to suck it up and mass a bit
more. The Purifier’s next Terror Fleet is more Void
Rays and Carriers, so get in position and take them out after they are
away from the Purifier.

Once they’re down and
Purifier is on the move to the Northwest, blast away at it!
It will summon in Carriers and Stalkers if it’s over land, so
use the Terrain to your advantage and float over the water and bombard
it endlessly. It has a whopping 7000 HP, so it will take some
time to bring down. It will aim a Vortex at you that will
temporarily remove your units from the game, but don’t
panic as you’ll get them back shortly. Don’t
cluster too much or you’ll lose so much
firepower that the Purifier might reach the next town and ruin your
achievement. Keep reinforcing and firing on the Purifier, and
it’ll go down!

Outbreak | Next
Haven's Fall

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you sided with the Protoss)

    Annihilate all Zerg Infestations.

    120,000 Credits, 3 Protoss Research


    1. Haven's
      Fall [15]
      - Complete all mission
    2. Outpatient
      - Complete the mission with
      3 settlements protected on Normal difficulty.
    3. House
      Call [10]
      - Complete the mission
      with 5 settlements protected on Hard difficulty.
    4. Meta:
      Colonist Mastery [20]
      - Complete
      all the Colonist mission achievements.


The doctor may think you to be
cold and heartless.
That’s what wins wars, however. There’s
no time to save these people, or rather, your way of saving them
involves a bullet.

Four infestations litter the
map. Each one will spawn a slow,
but steady stream of Infested that will come at your base.
They’re the same kind of infested that assaulted you during
the day and night mission "Outbreak". As you learned in that mission
slow and harmless for the most part.

Immediately send your starting
three Vikings towards the island to your
east to start annihilating their air units. Once the skies are
clear, find a spot by the infestation where the least Zerg are and land
there to start your assault. Leave it as an attack move so
your Vikings can switch to any Infested that spawn during your
attack. You’re going to repeat this strategy a lot,
so get used to it.

Get your economy up to speed
quickly during this, and put up one bunker
at the northeast and southeast of your base near where your starting
troops are. Note that you have 3 gas geysers in your main
base. To be honest, you don’t need all
three of them. Once your SCVs,
Bunkers, and Supply are in order, throw up an Armory and start mass
producing Vikings after adding a Reactor to your Starport.

Speaking of Vikings…
let’s introduce them:

  • Vikings
    - Powerful air to air
    anti-armor fighters that can switch to a ground combat mode when the
    skies are clear. Far stronger in the skies than on the ground
    and can be micromanaged to beat many units it shouldn’t with
    its powerful 9 range.

Vikings do NOT benefit from
vehicle upgrades, even when
they’re in ground form they are completely based off your air
upgrades. Upgrade appropriately at the Armory. The
first infestation should be destroyed and you should have 7-9 Vikings
at the ready for the new one that pops up to the south. Time to move

Storm in on an attack move and
target the Mutalisks that come at you
first thing. Once the Mutalisks are gone, nothing in the
skies can fire back and you’ll rout the skies in short
order. Note that this base has considerably more ground
forces defending it, and occasionally spawns Infested Marines in
addition to the Terrans. Land in the distance if
you’re worried and work your way in, and you should have
plenty of time to kill the infestation before it manifests.

href=""> alt="StarCraft II Haven's Fall"

and repair after every infestation raid. It's critical to keeping your
numbers up and hitting that critical mass that cannot be stopped.

Now’s a good time to
reinforce your defenses and call your
Vikings back for repairs, so do that. Put up a second bunker
at each entrance, and call in a set of Marine and Marauder mercenaries
to man them. If you’ve done the mission
that unlocks Siege Tanks and the respective mercenaries, call in those
as well and put one at each bunker line to effectively secure your base
for the remainder of the mission. Fix up your Vikings and
mass produce more until the next Infestation shows up in the northeast.

Repeat the exact same strategy
you did to handle the last infestation,
only now it should be even easier with the increasing number of
Vikings. Now that you have 15 or more, it’s time to
take the fight to them while you have a break. The northern
base is fairly simple to assault. Land to the southwest and
just storm in on an attack move and you’ll demolish the puny
defense that comes forward. If any flyers
do show up, switch a couple to Fighter mode and take care of it.

Once that base falls, you can
expand there when your resources run
out. Retreat to home, reinforce, repair, finish your ship
upgrades at the Armory, and wait for the next Infestation to
spawn. Take care of it, and then take care of the
Southern base. You’re probably seeing a pattern at
this point. Repeat as necessary and you’ll clear
all of the achievements without even trying or knowing what they are!

Safe Haven

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