Years of internal testing and balance took place before any of us could even lay a hand on StarCraft II. And yet, every week or two, we had a new balance patch in the beta that changed the face of the game. From day one, to the last glorious day, StarCraft II was basically turned upside down. New strategies became viable and cheese was off the menu.... mostly.

Thors have been all over the place. From worthwhile to worthless, and back in the other direction once more, the Thor now attacks faster while doing less damage, and has a smaller footprint. They then changed its anti-air attack to deal splash damage, absolutely destroying clusters of light air. Combine that with the turret change that makes them do standard damage against all types of flyers and you have the end of Mutalisks for Terran to deal with usually.

So check out how StarCraft II has evolved from the onset of the beta, to where we are today, mere days before launch!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016