Everyone wants an edge on the competition at launch. Some prefer to earn their stars and strategies in the campaign first. Honorable as that may be, players are far more ruthless than any scripted event in the campaign! You'll need to not only be familiar with the game, but familiar with the strategies players will throw at you--and have a strategy to throw back. That's what we're covering in our final guide before the long-awaited launch day, The Top Multiplayer Strategies for Launch!

M&M – The basis of the Terran army lies in the infantry. Marines are a powerhouse en masse, or with something to distract your opponents from killing their fragile behinds. Marauders are tough and posses the ability to slow units, which make up for the otherwise slow infantry. They benefit from the same upgrades. They can both stimpack. They were designed for each other. You can even add another M in the Medivac to provide mobility and healing support, necessary once you start hammering Stimpacks.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016