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  • Slide, Giver of 3 hour tours on the SH Minnow.

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  • Overview
  • Minimum Level
  • Zones within SH
  • Quests and Quest Starters
  • Heritage Quests Involving Storm Hold
  • Soloing Opportunities
  • Opportunities for Groups


The history of the cursed castle of Stormhold is sketchy at best. Adventurers braving the dark halls of Stormhold have
noticed many similarities to an old keep called "Befallen" that once stood within the commonlands of old. Why are the
two so similar? Legend has it that a member of the Knights of Thunder, Lord Chesgard, removed the Bone Bladed Claymore from the depths of
Befallen and returned to Qeynos with his prize. Soon after, he oversaw the construction of a keep called Stormhold, which held many of the
same properties of Befallen. The Bone Bladed Claymore began to curse Chesgard. As the evil swept through him, the keep too became corrupted,
cursing all of it's inhabitants within.

Stormhold contains mostly undead creatures. Skeletons are mainly what lurk behind the walls of SH. You'll find some zombies, a lot of goos,
a few ghosts, and a dash of vermin for good measure.

Minimum level:

There is no level restriction for this zone, but it is recommended for
groups between the levels of 15 and 30. At the lower levels of 15-20, players are really going to want to travel in groups.
Soloers should be wary. Almost all mobs in Stormhold are of a heroic nature. This zone was definately built for groups.
Generally speaking, mobs will get into the upper 20's as far as level goes. Creature levels are fairly progressive.
The further you get from the entrance, the tougher the mobs.

NOTE:  If you plan on
grouping in Stormhold a lot, you might want to
consider taking the skeleton choice for your creature mastery
spell/ability.  You will be prompted with a creature choice at
level 16. 

Zones Inside Stormhold:

  • Library: The library can be found in Stormhold level II. Access can be granted by clicking on a grate located in one of the larger rooms west of the atrium. (-4, -120)
  • href=""
    target="_blank">Tomb of Valor:
    Lord Chesguard lies here. You will need to complete an access quest called " href=""
    target="_blank">A Key to the Past" to enter this tomb.

Quest Starters:

  • Collection quests:
    • Spider Collections: You should be able to find many spiders by examining the glowing "?" symbols found on the
      ground.  Check out the href="">Ten
      Ton Hammer Collection Guide for more info.
    • Bone Collections: Weathered and Unscathed bones can be found in SH.
  • Lore and Legend:
    • Lore and Legend - Skeleton
      Collect this creature mastery book by
      venturing into the library.  Examine one of the books lying on the floor. It should glow when you mouse over it. (Don't confuse other evil books for this one. Certain books will attack you if you get too close.) Read through the book to initiate the quest. 
      There are
      plenty of skeletons in Stormhold. With the right group, you should be able to finish this quest in no time.
  • Normal quests:
    • href=""
      target="_blank">Relics for Elurad:
        style="font-weight: normal;">Archaeologist Elurad is probably the first NPC that you'll see when you enter Stormhold. If you are facing the exit to Antonica, he is to your left. He might even try to speak with you. Elurad will send you into Stormhold to find the Mace of Thunder, the Vessel of Storms, and the Tome of Thunder. The rewards are pretty diverse. Chances are good that you will be able to use one of the items.
    • href=""
      target="_blank">Sir Valinayle:
        style="font-weight: normal;">This is not the name of a quest. This is the name of an NPC that you might miss your first time into Stormhold. Valinayle is standing between the statues to your right as you walk down the path into Strormhold from the Antonican entrance. This NPC is a ghost that will send you on approximately 12 quests. For each quest, he will ask you to kill a number of specific creatures or a named mob. If you can complete all of his quests, Sir Valinayle will offer you a nice bow called Stormfire.
    • href=""
      target="_blank">Tainted Souls of Stormhold:
        Initiate this quest by examining a pillar-like statue at the very end of the main hall, behind a half wall in Stormhold level 1 (

      -15, -126). The quest will ask you to kill 50 life leaches. Once you kill the life leaches, return to the small statue and examine it to receive your reward.

    • href=""
      target="_blank">Unearthed Scions:
        From everything I've read, this quest doesn't give the greatest reward, but adventurers are most likely to stumble upon the quest giving alter. Examine a ruined alter of Karana at the end of the main hall just up a set of stairs near the pillar-like statue for the tainted souls quest mentioned above. This is a quest to kill the Scions of Stormhold. The Scion of Pain is located in the room that leads to the library. The Scion of Darness should spawn by the Chessboard. The Scion of Suffering should be at the bottom of the well (+29, +12). The Scion of Destruction is at the bottom of the spiral staircase which leads to the Bone Bladed Claymore (-66, -91).
  • Access Quests
    • href=""
      target="_blank">A Key to the Past: style="font-weight: normal;">  This quest will gain you access to the Tomb of Valor upon completion. Start this quest by talking to A Crushed Librarian (+4, -131) just to your left as you enter the library. The librarian will send you on a number of missions to kill specific mobs within the keep. Kill the mobs, find the key, access the Tomb. Click on the link, "A Key to the Past" to run a search for more detail.

Armor Quests

Each armor quest giver will eventually send you to kill some type of monster only found in Stormhold

  • href=""
    target="_blank">Gilda's Requests, Part III:
    Very Light Armor Quest - Gilda will have you venture out to Stormhold to kill Defiled Torrents, evil library books, and specific goos which can be found by the library entrance. This stage of the quest yields the Silver Touched Shoes.
  • href=""
    target="_blank">Selwyn's Errands, Part III:
    Light Armor Quest -

    Selwyn wants you to kill off Feign Zombies, and to collect rings from sealed strongboxes. The Feign Zombies spawn by the library entrance. The Strong boxes can be found in a room just off of the library. The reward for this leg of the quests are the Sun Touched Boots.

  • href=""
    target="_blank">Ian's Forgetful Family - Part III:
    Medium/Heavy Armor Quest - Ian needs you to kill Defiled Knights, Cavaliers and Crusaders. This stage of the quest yields one of three items: Trade Link Bracers, Boots, or Hearth Forged Boots.

Heritage Quests Involving the Ruins of Varsoon

There is only one Heritage Quest that really involves Stormhold, and that is The Bone Bladed Claymore quest.

The Strange Black Rock heritage quest has said to have been linked to Stormhold. Supposedly, you can pickup a palladium torque off some of the mobs down there, but I haven't been able to completely confirm this.

    • href=""
      target="_blank">The Bone Bladed Claymore: 
      There is a glowing sword (-150, -96) as you enter the spiral staircase room that leads down to the Atrium. Until you hit level 40, the sword will do you no good. Once you reach 40, right click the sword and chose "grab the sword" to start the quest. The first order of business is to kill Opalla, a ghost gnoll located within Blackburrow, south of the bridge. Go back to the sword and examine it to find that you will need to kill a Troll named Redak. Kill the Troll and re-examine the sword once again. You find that re-forging the hilt to the blade is necessary. This requires that you have an Ebon cluster. Sources show that an ebon coin or bent ebon disk will also work. You will actually have to travel to runnyeye to do this.

      NOTE: If you decide to reforge the blade, you will be exiled from society. This means you will lose your citizenship to either Qeynos or Freeport.

      To regain citizenship and get the Bone Bladed Claymore, you will have to kill 1000 sentient beings. A sentient being is any non-animal creature. Once you are through slaying, return to the sword in Stormhold. Gynok Moltar will spawn when you enter the room. Kill him and examine the sword once again. Your job is finished.

Soloing Opportunities:

If you're 15-19:

  • You will have a tough time. Everything is heroic. You can try to kill some single goos, but they use a life drain spell which regenerates their health. If you get past the goos, you may be able to take on some of the small groups of skeletons in the main hall.

If you're 20-24:

  • Still a tough place to solo, try and stick with the main hall. Goos and Skeletons just outside the hall might be killable. Just keep it to one evil being at a time.

If you're 25-29:

  • Take on some of the creatures by the chessboard. Becarefull of the larger groups though. If you decide to go the other way toward the Atrium, fight only one creature at a time if possible. Be very wary of wandering mobs that will easily aggro you and make your life miserable.

If you're 30+ :

  • You will still run into mobs that will aggro you. You may now be able to get to the library by yourself without too much hastle. Those defiled torrents still hit pretty hard though. Especially for you mage types.

Grouping Opportunities

This is really how this zone is meant to be played, with a group.

Around level 15-19:

  • The best place for your group of 3 or more is by the Chessboard. Fighting your way there should be no problem. The chessboard will present a nice challenge. For you smaller groups at this level, stay away from Lord Androus and his minions

style="font-weight: normal;">Around level 20-24:

  • The chessboard is still good fighting and Lord Androus should be doable for some of the smaller groups at this range. Venture out into the east side of the keep and go exploring. It was mentioned before that almost everything is heroic, so be on your toes. Some of these rooms should house some nasty little groups of skellies and zombies surrounding named mobs.

style="font-weight: normal;">Around level 25-29:

  • Now would be a good time to try your hand at killing some of the creatures beyond the Atrium. There are plenty of defiled torrents, goos and cubes to go around. Take a peak at the library. This might be your day for a pleasent book burning. The mobs at the begining parts of the zone should start to grey out in this lvl.

style="font-weight: normal;">Around level 30-40:

  • You'll have no problem exploring the depths of SH at this point. Now a good portion of the zone is grey and you will have to venture deeper to find XP. Check out the Stormhold lvls 3 and 4. This includes the jail and the caverns below.

style="font-weight: normal;">Around level 40+:

  • Start the Bone Bladed Claymore HQ. You will deffinately want a group to kill some of the mobs involved.

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