swtor augment slot guide

Every player in SWTOR wants the best possible gear for their characters. Jedis want the best lightsabers, Bounty Hunters want the best blasters and heavy armor, and Sith want the highest quality shock collars they can get their sadistic hands on. There are a variety of items that can increase the abilities of a piece of gear in SWTOR, and one of those methods is through the use of augment slots and augments. In the upcoming patch 1.3, a huge change is coming for creating augment slots on gear. To help padawans the galaxy over, Swtorhub.com presents an overview of the augment slot system and the upcoming changes to that system.

The system of adding augment slots to gear in SWTOR undergoes a radical transformation in patch 1.3. In the new system, you can add an augment slot to any piece of equippable gear, from earpieces to implants to generators. To add an augment slot to an item, from patch 1.3 onwards, you will use the Item Modification Table, which are most easily found on the fleet stations. The item must be green level or higher. (Why would you try to improve a gray item anyway?) To add an augment slot to the item, you have to spend credits and use an augmentation kit.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016