SWTOR Space Battles - TMugaar Ice Field and Kovor Ice Field

You’ve destroyed countless space stations with your ship in countless The Old Republic space combat missions, but now you’re tasked with saving one in the Skaross Fortification and Pakuuni Defense missions. Swtorhub.com has put together a complete guide to these missions, including strategy info and combat tips.

These missions are a stark contrast to earlier space combat missions such as Cartel Listening Post/Balosar Outpost and Llanic Station Strike/Ezran Outpost. In those earlier missions, you were responsible for laying waste to a space station, but now you’re tasked with saving one. This is a challenging mission and you will need Tier 3 upgrades for your ship to be able to complete the mission.

Your primary focus should be on destroying the enemy bombers. If you don’t destroy them, you fail the mission. To that end, I would recommend that you ignore the secondary objectives until your ship has higher upgrades (Tier 4 on up) and you’re extremely familiar with the space combat mission.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016