So, do the hybrids get
better gas mileage, too?

Tabula Rasa finds the Humans of Earth homeless, and seeking new worlds
to inhabit. The Humans’ first stop on the Planet of Foreas introduces
them to the alien race: Foreans. As they fight together, the Humans and
Foreans begin to develop a level of trust, and find ways in which the
two species are similar. Tabula Rasa recently introduced a new Hybrid
Forean/Human playable race, and Ten Ton Hammer has the mission guide to
unlock the race on players’ accounts.

The traitor has taken some very important Forean
artifacts. The Eloh
brought the Foreans from their high tech, but highly polluted world.
They had to leave their advanced technology on the planet, and they
don’t want the Bane to find it. You need to find the 3 missing items to
prevent the Bane from invading the Forean home world.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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