I just want you to show a
little emotion; is that so wrong?

All work and no play makes the warfront a dull place. Spice up your
game play with a little emotion! The Tabula Rasa team has provided 4
new ways to express your feelings. Can't launch the game right now to
see for yourself? Jump in here and let Taea show you what you're

Have you checked the bottom of your backpack
recently? General British
and team have left a few surprises for you. Secretly included in the
November 29th patch were 4 new emotes that you can use to personalize
your character even more. What are you waiting for? To enable these new
emotes, take the presents from the miscellaneous tab of your backpack
and drop them to an empty ability slot. After you use the ability one
time, you will have access to the / commands.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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