Give New Meaning to
"Going Commando"

It isn't 1985 anymore and you don't need to be Schwarzenegger to play a
Commando. Tabula Rasa offers you the opportunity to train
with heavy armor, rocket launchers, even rocket-propelled grenades, and
the kind of abilities that would make any action movie fan
proud.  Join RadarX as he explains how to become a Commando
and what each of their skills can do for you. Cheesy
one-liners are not included.  

Are you the type of person that prefers to shoot
first and ask
questions later? Is your idea of subtlety the RPG instead of a rocket
launcher? Do you have at least a dozen weapons strapped to your person
at all times not including grenades? If so, this Tabula Rasa class may
be exactly what you are looking for.The Commando is the brute force of
the AFS military and brings a necessary and powerful skill set from the
Tier 3 professions which no squad should be without. They are the
traditional "tank" of the MMO game world and are designed to not only
take heavy damage but dish it out as well. This class is not meant for
the faint of heart, the center of battle is not only is the focus of
the Commando but where they excel.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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