We Double Dog-Tag Dare

In the far southern region of Tabula Rasa’s Concordia Palisades, stands
the AFS fortification known at Fort Dew. This Control Point lies
between the tunnel to Bane-held Skive Base to the east, and the
peaceful Forean Viands Village to the Northwest. Skirting the edge of
the Bane infested Deadwoods, Ft. Dew is constantly being attacked by
the enemy. Ten Ton Hammer has updated this area guide to include a new
mission. We Double Dog-Tag Dare you to check it out.

He now points you toward the high rock bridge to the
and tells you to jump off. Your jump point is at -382,214,-370. It's a
long way down, and you won't survive. After reviving at the hospital,
return to Fagan (try not to punch him), and stand ready for part 3.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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