You Go Back, Jack

It's rare we get a chance in videogames to return to where our stories
began, but Tabula Rasa has no fear of the unconventional. Join us as we
journey to the first zone, Concordia Wilderness, and fight our way into
the Guardian Prominence. It may be located in an area for newbies, but
this level 40 instance is ready and willing to beat you down.

At least twice a week someone on the new player
channel asks how their
level 6 character can get past the level 38 Bane in Wilderness. The
most common polite answer is "You can't get past them. Come back when
you are older (i.e., leveled up)." Of course, the only level 38 Bane in
Wilderness are the three guards standing watch in the entrance to the
Guardian Prominence instance.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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