Heh...heh... style="font-style: italic;">penal colony

On the Barren planet of Areaki you'll find very little in the way of
life other than an old prison built to house the worst of criminal
offenders.  The Irendas Penal Colony (stop laughing) is now
the main stronghold for Torden Plains providing the starting point for
level 20+ players in Tabula Rasa.   Ten Ton Hammer
has everything you need to know about this facility including where to
get missions, how to complete them, and Logos locations.

Irendas Penal Colony is a fairly large detention
facility in the Torden
Plains area of Areaki and represents your first stop on this less than
friendly planet.  The zone is accessed through the Foreas Base
wormhole located in the Concordia Divide and is designed for players at
least level 20.  The main building of the facility also holds
the infamous Phanin Research Center which you'll be revisiting in a few

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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