A peaceful Forean village on the verge of a war zone, Nidu Dav is the first stopping point for players in Concordia Divide. Don't let the serenity of the village fool you, the hills surrounding it is filled with Bane infantry and native creatures out for your blood. Fortunately, Ten Ton Hammer has solid intel on mission objectives and Logos locations in the area. Don't move in unprepared, check out our guide for all the info you need.

The transition from Concordia Wilderness to the Divide might appear seamless but nothing could be further from the truth. The skirmishes you fought against the Bane were mere schoolyard brawls in comparison to the battles you'll find here. The first rest stop along the trail from Wilderness to Foreas Base is a simple outpost of nothing more than a watchtower and teleporter. The only thing of real importance you'll find here is Receptive Liason Brice who will hand out your Logos missions and send you on to Foreas Base.

Read on for more intel about the Nidu Dav area right Nidu Dav.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016