It's Dangerous to Go
Alone--Take This Guide!

A canopy of giant, pink raintree flowers sways gently overhead as the
harsh sounds of a war rage below. Deep in the tropical garden-like
forest area of Torden Incline in Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa stands
a tiny AFS encampment known as Raintree Post. With only a lone lookout
tower, waypoint transporter and somber artillery guns the post may seem
hardly worth your effort. You’ll find, however, that there is quite a
bit of combat and mission experience to be had here. See it all in Ten
Ton Hammer’s Guide to Raintree Post.

There’s one final special mission to accomplish in
Incline, before you
move on to instances or other zones. There is a long winding path West
out of Pax Oasis. Along the trail you’ll run into pockets of Atta,
until you reach a hollowed out area with a promising looking Eloh Cave
at the end. The cave entrance is guarded by one final Imperial Atta
Soldier with nearly unending regen, and took a Sapper a long time and
lots of Ice Polarity Gun Canisters to destroy.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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