Or, How to Take Control
of the Control Points

One of biggest draws to Tabula Rasa is the dynamic battles over the
Control Points. River-Base Krimm is one such Control Point in the
northern part of the Concordia Palisades Region. The recent server
update has resulted in a slew of new missions available to soldiers in
their early 20’s. Read through our guide to ensure you won’t miss a

In the north-central region of Concordia Palisades
lies a former Bane
base named River-base Krimm. This Control Point is built like a wagon
wheel, with pathways spanning across a river. The AFS recently gained
the upper hand here, and are using the opportunity to study the Bane
technology that was left behind. Under near constant attack, and with 2
force fields to secure, those using this base must be prepared to rise
to its defense at any moment.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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