Who Doesn't Like Ninjas
with Rifles?

Like a ninja with a huge rifle, Tabula Rasa's Sniper represents the
standard for deliberate termination through accurate
fire. With recent changes in Patch 1.6, the Sniper had some
tweaking done to boost it's fun factor.  We've gone through
and adjusted our recommendations and even added an explanation for
proper use of the Torqueshell Rifle which should provide you with
everything you need to know. Carpet Bombing, Net Guns, and so
much more are discussed just inside.

So you think you have what it takes to be an AFS
Sniper huh? Only the
sneakiest and most patient soldiers in the military can handle the
tasks required. You will become the master of long range assassination
by entering a kill zone quietly, terminating a target, and disappearing
before the enemy ever knew what hit them. You will be as silent as the
wind, move like running water through various terrains, and blend into
the landscape as if you were completely invisible. The Sniper is a
natural extension of the Ranger class, the major difference being CQB
(close quarters battle) is no longer a viable option for you.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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